Sydney Morning Herald claims bushfire victims are “climate refugees”

Climate refugees? Really?

The desperation is palpable. As the public continues to reject the hysterical climate alarmism of the Green-Left, especially in connection with the current bushfires, the Silly Moaning Herald jumps the shark with this utter nonsense:

‘Australia’s first climate change refugees’

Standing on the waterfront at Mallacoota on Friday morning, waiting with his wife and 10-year-old son to board a tender that would take them out to HMAS Choules offshore, Nick Ritar had time to ponder the utter strangeness of what was unfolding in the normally idyllic beach town just south of the NSW border.

“We are Australia’s first climate refugees,” he told the Herald by phone from the wharf, where groups of holidaymakers were being bused down from the local cinema. (source, backup [PDF] for when it gets posted down the memory hole)

Keep going! All this will do is further alienate the silent majority from climate alarmism…


  1. Graham Richards says:

    I believe the public are about to turn against the “green blob”. Thanks to their policies and the gullibility of dumb politicians the the fuel build up of the last 20 years is now incinerating their ideology………panic stations!!!!

    • Tom Martland says:


    • Yes. The greens et al favour massive global deforestation without blinking. The UK’s Drax power station has a 2-6 GW capacity for biomass and 1-29 GW for coal. In 2018 Drax burned 7-2 million tonnes of wood pellets, from at least 14-4 million tonnes of green wood. The total annual wood production in the UK was11-6 million tonnes. [susidised]
      62% of the pellets came from hardwood forests in Southern US. Ancient forests in Brirish Columbia supply most of Canada’s wood pellets. Other sources are: Portugal, Brazil, Belarus, the UK and other European countries. The greens are not even concerned about the “carbon footprints” of this massive transport system.
      source: Drax internet article.

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  3. The problem is..Our Abc/sarc has trained the public to use idiotic terms lie “climate refugees”..and thats what they are doing now.

  4. George Cross says:

    “The Silly Moaning Hypocrite” knows this because????? Greta lies sell more papers.<:o)

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