US: Democrats and the Far Left label ideological opponents “domestic terrorists”

I don’t know how many people here in Australia watch US news, but I do, and the silencing of the Twitter alternative Parler is just the start of a much larger planned purge of conservatives by the Left that could end very badly indeed.

You won’t hear anything about this on “their ABC” which is indulging in a wall-to-wall nauseating love-in for Biden and Harris, and at the same time salivating over his possible second impeachment, but the ‘Overton Window‘ has become so narrow and so far shifted left, that mainstream conservative Americans are now regarded as extremists.

The Left fails to see the outright hypocrisy of tarring 74 million Trump/Republican voters with the Capitol protesters brush while at the same time bleating that we shouldn’t blame all Muslims for an Islamic terrorist attack.

The rhetoric has become so extreme that many Democrats are openly calling for “reprogramming” of conservatives, labelling them “domestic terrorists”. I couldn’t put it more eloquently than Tucker in his opening monologue from 19 January, which you will find below.

Whether you support Trump or not, and whether you are on the Left or Right, this should be deeply concerning to everyone who values democracy:


  1. Great post Simon. Yes l am in Australia and follow America, Australian TV is full on Biden and Democrats: politically correct. We in Australia are already captured the this ideology. I expect things will get worse re social engineering communist Chinese style of course.
    Started a post on this with your blog up front

  2. John in Oz says:

    I recommend watching this short – 13min – video to see what could occur if the Democrats push this too far

    This is Athens, Tennessee, not Greece.

  3. The Deep state are winning, all around the world – Without Trump we would be entering a new dark age

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