Blowing the dust off Australian Climate Madness

Biden restarts climate madness…

So it looks like I will have to polish up my blogging again as once again we descend into another era of climate madness. With the election (installation?) of Sleepy Joe as President, the pointless climate action agenda is firmly back on the table, as the Washington Post breathlessly reports:

Within hours of taking the oath of office as president Wednesday, Joe Biden intends to sign more than a dozen executive orders and direct nearly 100 agency actions aimed at unraveling Donald Trump’s environmental policies, as he works to cement the government’s role in safeguarding air and water, protecting endangered species, and combating climate change at home and abroad.

Biden will order federal agencies to review scores of climate policies enacted during the Trump administration and, if possible, to quickly reverse them. Nearly half of the regulations the new administration is targeting come from the Environmental Protection Agency, on issues ranging from drinking water and dangerous chemicals to gas mileage standards.

A cry for survival comes from planet itself. A cry that can’t be any more desperate or any more clear,” Biden said in his inaugural address. Listing the challenges the nation faces, he pointed to “the battle to save our planet by getting the climate under control.”


As I type this, apparently the Exec Order rejoining the Paris Accord has been signed…

Welcome back to Climate Madness.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    The lunatics have regained control of the asylum.

  2. The world is in a very dark place…

  3. ALAN COURT says:

    I shudder to think what will happen under the new administration.

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