Paris Accord mandates climate indoctrination in schools

Creating a generation of Gretas…

In our brave new world post-Trump, where far Left dogma is the only speech allowed, independent social media sites are shut down by Silicon Valley tech oligarchs, and anyone with differing views will be sent to “re-education camps”, is it little wonder that climate indoctrination will now be forced on our children?

Lessons in climate change, the environment and how to protest will be compulsory subjects at all schools worldwide as part of the Paris Agreement, under plans being developed for this year’s UN climate summit in Glasgow.

Teaching children about the environment, the green economy and how to take action against government to stop environmental harm are considered essential parts of preparing future workers for what campaigners say is the third industrial revolution.


EarthDay says a climate-­educated and environmentally literate global public is likely to be “better placed to take part in the green jobs revolution, make better sustainable consumer choices, become the next generation of sustainable entrepreneurs and hold leaders to account”. Ms Rogers said if current trends continued, energy and technology needs of the future would all be owned and controlled by big technology companies and China.

The Australian ($)

We can all look forward to yet more hectoring and badgering from our little ones, permanently hyperactive on the climate Kool Aid poured into them in our educational establishments…


  1. More western style communism
    Compulsory UN education for all.
    Brainwashing re education camps Chinese style.
    I swear the UN is an Anna branch of CCP

  2. Simon Colwell says:

    Straight out of the Pol Pot playbook.

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