Australian aid to bypass corrupt United Nations

Beware the handbag…

Beware the handbag…

Another of Julie Bishop’s handbags to the head for the moonbats at the UN.

Bishop should really go much, much further and tell the Pacific Island scroungers riding the climate bandwagon where to get off, especially since flooding is far more a result of geological sinking rather than sea level rise, and that sea level rise is probably mostly natural rather than burning fossil fuels, but it’s a start:

Australia will continue to directly pay for climate change adaptation in vulnerable South Pacific island nations through its aid budget rather than donate to a UN Green Climate Fund designed for the same purpose, the foreign minister said Friday ahead of traveling to climate talks in Peru.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said governments should judge for themselves whether bilateral action to reduce the impact of climate change on developing countries was a more efficient use of aid money than donating through the UN.

“The Green Climate Fund is about supporting developing countries build resilience to climate change. Australia is already doing that through our aid program,” Bishop told The Associated Press before leading the Australian delegation to Lima for a UN climate summit.

“From my experience, bilateral work is able to customise responses when we’re working directly with another partner country,” she said. (source)

Send any dollars to the UN, and a large chunk of it will be syphoned off to pay for the rent seekers at the IPCC and WMO, rather than going to its intended beneficiaries.

Shock. A government that thinks for itself rather than bowing and scraping to the unelected fraudsters at the UN.

Counter-moonbat of the Week: Bishop slaps down Obama

Don't mess with me, moonbats…

Don’t mess with me, moonbats…

If Tanya Plibersek is against it, there’s a good chance it must make a great deal of sense. As in this case.

Julie Bishop delivers a spectacular bollocking to climate-obsessed Obama after his laughable speech in Queensland at the G20:

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop’s office has written to the White House disputing Barack Obama’s claims about the Great Barrier Reef, arguing the world heritage icon is “not threatened” by climate change or environmental degradation.

Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek branded Ms Bishop’s actions an “extraordinary attack on our close friend and ally”.

The ‘extraordinary attack’ by Obama on his close friend and ally goes unnoticed by Tanya. I wonder why?

The Australian this week revealed the Queensland government, as host of last weekend’s G20 summit in Brisbane, was considering a formal complaint to Washington over what it saw as an insulting and provocative speech by the US President that was based on “misinformation” about management of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is understood that US offic­ials contacted the Queensland government after the revelation in The Australian.

The Foreign Minister, in New York to chair UN Security Council terrorism talks, this morning said she was “surprised” by Mr Obama’s remarks and had since sent a “detailed briefing” to the Oval Office on the issue.

Ms Bishop said state and federal agencies had banned resource exploration and capital dredge dumping near the Great Barrier Reef, and were contributing $180 million annually to manage the health of the reef.

“I wanted to ensure the White House was well aware of the significant steps that the Australian government and the Queensland government were taking to ensure that the Great Barrier Reef is not threatened by climate change, by nutrient run off from agriculture, by mining or drilling,” she told Sky News.

Ms Bishop said she personally made clear Australia’s position on the reef to the US Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, only days before the Brisbane speech.

Mr Obama, speaking at the University of Queensland on Saturday, said climate change “here in Australia” means “longer droughts, more wildfires” and “the incredible natural glory of the Great Barrier Reef is threatened”. (source)

Like all climate moonbats, as far as Obama is concerned, facts are just an inconvenience.

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