Proof-reading the Guardian

Richard North

The incomparable Richard North, over at the EU Referendum blog, takes his blue pencil to the Guardian’s article about our dear leader’s “great big new tax on everything” (© T Abbott):

The Australian government has unveiled foisted on its people one of the world’s most ambitious insane schemes to tackle climate change destroy its economy, a plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions from the country’s worst polluters most productive industries.

After a bruising political battle to win support for crush opposition to the measure, the prime minister, Julia Gillard, said on Sunday that from July next year, 500 companies would pay $23 (£15) a ton for their carbon emissions in the largest emissions trading scheme episode of collective suicide outside Europe.

The government predicts that by 2029 the plan will lead to a reduction in emissions equivalent to taking 45 million cars off the road. The government will fix the tax for three years, before moving to a market-set price in 2015.

“It’s time to get on with this; we are going to get this done”, said Gillard.

In other words, as Richard says: “If we’re going to commit suicide, ’tis better it’s done quickly”.

Read it here.

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