Shock: poll by climate activists shows "public want climate action"

No we don't, we peddle self-serving propaganda

Gee, what a surprise – never would have thought that, hmm? Blatant Vested Interests Alert as a poll conducted by the Climate Institute and The Australian Conservation Foundation (which runs Al Gore’s despicable Climate Project indoctrination seminars) shows that “more and more Australians are concerned over growing pollution.” Skating over the fact that <shouts>carbon dioxide isn’t pollution</shouts>, how much of a surprise is that, given that the Climate Institute and ACF are climate advocacy groups full of enviro-headbangers, whose very existence depends on the continuation of the climate scare, and who wage campaigns of misinformation against filthy sceptics and “deniers”? But hey, the media will report anything these days, as long as it fits the politically correct notion of man-made climate change.

It says voters would welcome action on climate change, giving new Prime Minister Julia Gillard a clear indication on what the public want.

CEO of the Climate Institute John Connor has told Sky News of the public’s concern over the ETS.

‘The backflip over the ETS had a very significant backlash that damaged brand Rudd but also damaged brand ALP, and so we’ve seen ALP as a better party for handling climate change go to historic lows,’ Connor said.

The research also shows global warming could be a key issue for undecided voters.

‘If there’s a strong plan on pollution and climate change, that will reward the government or the opposition, and the government in this instance by about three to one’.


Read it here (if you can be bothered)

Australia "must do more to curb emissions"

No climate crisis, no Climate Institute

Vested Interests Alert as an organisation that owes its very existence to the climate change “crisis” urges Australia to do more to tackle climate change (in order to ensure its own survival). Can’t exactly imagine the Climate Institute saying, nah, nothing to worry about, can you, when it’s main purpose is to “drive innovative and effective climate change solutions” (see here):

A new report commissioned by The Climate Institute says Australia’s carbon pollution will continue to soar without price signals to make companies take responsibility for their emissions.

The environmental organisation has also launched a partnership with a range of prominent businesses to tackle climate change.

Climate Institute chief executive John Connor says the report shows Australia is being left behind the rest of the world in developing renewable energies.

Mr Connor says a move to amend the renewable energy target will only go so far in addressing the problem.

“While amendments to the renewable energy target will help restructure our polluting power sector and drive billions of dollars of investments in new technologies and skills, Australia’s pollution will continue to soar unless we get extra policies that make companies responsible for their pollution,” he said.

Mr Connor says the nation’s major political parties are holding back investment.

A more blatant example of cynical self-preservation is difficult to imagine. Read it here.

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