Abbott was right: Swan's budget a DUD

Swan's budget

And the electorate agrees with that assessment. More good news for Labor, as the public response to the budget is examined:

THE Federal Budget has crashed and appears to have done more damage to Labor’s credibility than help revive its political fortunes.

The first poll to measure the national mood following the May 10 Budget – conducted by The Daily Telegraph –Galaxy – revealed fewer than a third of Australians believed it was good for the economy.

Two of the Budget’s key “spend and save” measures were soundly rejected.

Support for the $300 million digital set-top box scheme for pensioners was lowest among those it sought to benefit, with more than 60 per cent of older Australians saying they didn’t want it.

Cuts to family tax payments for 40,000 families also struck a raw nerve, with 47 per cent of Australians rejecting the idea that families earning $150,000 were rich.

According to the results of a poll, conducted on May 11 and May 12, just 28 per cent of voters thought the Budget would be good for the Australian economy, with 39 per cent saying it would be bad.

Only 11 per cent said the Budget confirmed Labor as a sound economic manager.

The negative assessment marked a dramatic shift from last year, when 43 per cent of voters rated the 2010 Budget as good for the economy. Even among Labor voters, only 47 per cent believed this Budget was positive.

The results will come as [a] blow to Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s hopes the Budget would inject life back into the Government, as Tony Abbott ramps up the case for a fresh election on the basis there is no mandate for a carbon tax.

“Wayne Swan’s fourth Budget has failed to impress voters and done little to bolster Labor’s economic credentials,” Galaxy CEO David Briggs said.

“It’s not just the Budget – it goes beyond that. It is a reflection that Labor are on the nose and it doesn’t matter what they do.

“It suggests a growing disenchantment with a Government that has failed to inspire confidence and is looking increasingly like an administration trying to muddle through as best it can.”

Read it here.

Delusional: Swan thinks "tide will turn" for carbon tax

Get his face off my monitor

In his dreams. The more people find out about the tax, and the fact that it will increase the price of everything for no benefit to the climate whatsoever, whether locally or globally, the more people will harden their opposition to it. But apparently not Wayne Swan, who believes (as usual) that it’s only a matter of time before the unwashed electorate come round to the political elite’s way of thinking:

Yesterday, as the Opposition Leader continued to attack the carbon tax, Mr Swan said he expected Labor’s stock to improve once the details of the tax were finalised in coming months.

“At the end of the day our job – we deal with some very tough economic and political issues,” he said in an interview with The Australian.

“There’s no way but just to keep going and get them done and wear it in the interim.”

He said there was “no other way” to deliver a carbon tax than that being pursued.

“We understand that we’ll cop stuff along the way because of that,” the Treasurer said.

“But there’s no alternative to it. The alternative to it is to do nothing. That’s terribly contrary to the country’s interests in the long term.” (source)

It’s actually quite funny (or it would be if it wasn’t so serious) to watch a politician twisting in the wind, trying to justify the unjustifiable. Maybe the big emitters will get together and agree a global deal in five or ten years time, in which case, Australia can join in then. There is nothing about the carbon tax that is in the country’s interests, whether short term or long term, unless there is global action. However, the longer that global action is delayed, the weaker the case for action will be, as temperatures and sea levels fail to rise as predicted, and people start asking “Is this Y2K all over again?”

Swan delusional: "carbon tax will save jobs"

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It is as if we are living in a parallel universe, where fantasy becomes reality, black is white, white is black, lies are truth and truth is a lie. My head is spinning from all the spin.

Not sure whether Wayne Swan is a liar or a fool. Does he genuinely, honestly, truthfully believe that taxing our economy for no reason whatsoever and damaging our competitiveness will “save jobs”? If so, he’s a fool – and a damn fine one at that.

Or is he just saying that to deceive the Australian public into supporting his government’s carbon tax policy? In which case he’s a barefaced liar. Please, make it stop.

Future jobs will be at risk if Australia does not put a price on pollution, the Government says.

Treasurer Wayne Swan responded to reports that Australia’s biggest manufacturing union will stop supporting the Government’s carbon tax if it costs a single job, saying the scheme is designed to save jobs.

‘Nothing could be more important to jobs in Australia in the future than making that transition [to a low-pollution economy]. If we don’t make that transition there will be a threat to our economy because the world is moving to lower carbon emissions,” Mr Swan said.

”So it is a difficult transition, but it is one that the Government wants to make working with the community, because our number one objective is to support employment and future prosperity.” (source)

And the key lie here is “the world is moving to lower carbon emissions.” It isn’t. It just isn’t. Are China or India lowering their emissions? No. The US? No. Wait, New Zealand has an ETS. Great, that will save the planet by reducing emissions by the square root of sweet FA. Climate madness.

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