Swan delusional: "carbon tax will save jobs"

Get his ugly face off my monitor

It is as if we are living in a parallel universe, where fantasy becomes reality, black is white, white is black, lies are truth and truth is a lie. My head is spinning from all the spin.

Not sure whether Wayne Swan is a liar or a fool. Does he genuinely, honestly, truthfully believe that taxing our economy for no reason whatsoever and damaging our competitiveness will “save jobs”? If so, he’s a fool – and a damn fine one at that.

Or is he just saying that to deceive the Australian public into supporting his government’s carbon tax policy? In which case he’s a barefaced liar. Please, make it stop.

Future jobs will be at risk if Australia does not put a price on pollution, the Government says.

Treasurer Wayne Swan responded to reports that Australia’s biggest manufacturing union will stop supporting the Government’s carbon tax if it costs a single job, saying the scheme is designed to save jobs.

‘Nothing could be more important to jobs in Australia in the future than making that transition [to a low-pollution economy]. If we don’t make that transition there will be a threat to our economy because the world is moving to lower carbon emissions,” Mr Swan said.

”So it is a difficult transition, but it is one that the Government wants to make working with the community, because our number one objective is to support employment and future prosperity.” (source)

And the key lie here is “the world is moving to lower carbon emissions.” It isn’t. It just isn’t. Are China or India lowering their emissions? No. The US? No. Wait, New Zealand has an ETS. Great, that will save the planet by reducing emissions by the square root of sweet FA. Climate madness.


  1. I know it was typed in rage – but ‘get his ugly face of my monitor’. If never had a face of monitor, but it doesn’t sound pleasant.

    He is correct that Future jobs will be at risk. He just didn’t say that those future jobs are chinese jobs which won’t get created if Australian steelworks don’t get shut down. If we don’t put in a carbon tax,. those chinese workers might have to find something else to do with their time, like ripping the earth apart for rare earth minerals to make overpriced windmills to sell to the British.

    I say let’s boot carbon pricing like all the other major emitters and run the risk of trade sanctions. Seems like a win/win strategy to me.

  2. But don’t jump on Wayne-the-Pain too quickly: a “Carbon” tax will require an army of public servants to administer, so the total number of “jobs” may actually increase . . . . . .Not that they will do anything productive, though.

  3. Baldrick says:

    The carbon dioxide tax WILL cost jobs – that is a fact. It has happened in a number of countries overseas where a carbon dioxide, or similar tax, has been implemented.

    It is estimated that for every ‘green’ job created, which will cost the government about $120,000 per job to implement … 2.2 ‘dirty’ jobs will go. So for 8 ‘green’ jobs created it will cost our economy $1,000,000 and put approximately 17.5 other people out of work … multiply that by 1,000 ‘green’ jobs and you start to get the picture of what our economy will be like under this Labor/Green alliance … scary!!!! Then you’ll also have the privileged of paying more for goods because of the added cost of the carbon dioxide tax. Starting to feel warm and fuzzy yet?

  4. “Not sure whether Wayne Swan is a liar or a fool.”

    Ummm … that would be (E) – All of the above.

  5. Tony Buckley says:

    When this nightmare is finally over…Gillard, Swan, Combet, Garnaut, Flannery and the rest of the crooks pushing this con must be dealt with by our court system. A new jail will have to be built to house all these criminals.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      A new jail will have to be built to house all these criminals.

      It wouldn’t be that hard to implement, the criminals you mention (and many others) all congregate at Parliament House, so why not just build a razor wire fence around it?

  6. “If we don’t make that transition there will be a threat to our economy because the world is moving to lower carbon emissions”

    Two years ago in Canada, they had a center left party leader who said the exact same thing and proposed a carbon tax to fix it just like in Australia. The Canadian electorate kicked his sorry ass so badly that he left politics completly and has not been seen since. I believe the same thing will happen in Australia at the next election. Have patience my friends, the election is coming.

  7. Graham Richards says:

    Gillard & Swan’s problem is the company they keep.
    B. Obama also believes more tax & spending will cure all their economic ills and their ideas are rubbing off on our pair of socialist loons.

    It will all end in tears…….trouble is it’s the working people that suffer because of their total stupidity.

  8. fred nerk says:

    maybe its about time to put lying politicians up against a wall and shot,I have always been a pacifist until I became annoyed,now I am angry.

  9. Trevor says:

    Spain went for a Carbon Dioxide Tax. Spain now has over %18 unemployment. Every country is dropping Carbon Taxes all around the world. Why are we even considering or discussing it. The game is over. People DO NOT Believe in it anymore. People know it was all a hoax. Peopple know it was meant to create a Global Government. The Globalists lost this war and are planning the next. Get Australia OUT of the UN. This is the next step. We must keep our sovereignty. The UN is there to take our sovereignty away.

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