ABC: Platform for Alarmists 2

Sore loser

David Karoly and Robyn “100 metres” Williams on the same day. It’s just too much:

There has been an unrelenting campaign to destroy trust in the IPCC and mainstream climate science. Find a fault – and there is always something a nitpicker or Jesuitical actuary can find – and use it to demolish the entire edifice of scientific research going back decades.

Accept no counter arguments. Reject authority. Professors are suspect, willing to utter any catechism for a grant. And if massive evidence is offered dismissing your arguments about the Earth cooling – then ignore it, and just retort with the same old denial, only more loudly.

And it’s working. Public acceptance of climate science and legislation to control gases has plummeted in the last few months. As the Economist magazine wrote in December, “It is all about politics. Climate change is the hardest political problem the world has ever had to deal with. It is a prisoner’s dilemma, a free-rider problem and the tragedy of the commons all rolled into one.”

The reality is that the IPCC and “mainstream climate science” has destroyed itself, by fudging data, destroying emails and threatening journals that dare publish papers that challenge the consensus. And this guy presents The Science Show on ABC? There is no hope. Always remember the mantra:

“Their ABC, banging the Drum for the Left, and full-blown climate hysteria.”

Read it here (trust me, it will spoil your day).


  1. I heard the BBC was being investigated for bias on climate change reporting, why don’t you coordinate a complaint from all interested people on this web site and send it to the CEO (and board) of the ABC, of course cc’d to other media, polies etc. Hold them to account.


  1. […] An Australian newsman accused the media of groupthink when it comes to global warming.  ABC journalists considered this doubleplusungood crimethink and committed it to the memory hole as soon as they left the room. […]

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