Bravo! Minchin, Bernardi savage climate alarmism

Nick Minchin

As this deluded Labor government rushes to commit economic suicide by putting a price on carbon [dioxide] next year, Nick Minchin and Cory Bernardi are virtually the only politicians in this twisted, politically correct world brave enough to call out the climate scam for what it is. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

THE Liberal senator Nick Minchin has told the organiser of a policy conference how ”appalled” he was that one of its themes referred to Australia’s ”necessary transition to a low-carbon future”.

In a letter to the head of the Global Foundation, Steve Howard, Senator Minchin said the theme – discussed at the foundation’s Australian Unlimited conference in June – sounded like something produced by ”an extreme green group”.

”Your language does not even make any sense. What do you mean by ‘a low carbon future’? Do you mean carbon dioxide and if you do why don’t you say so?” Senator Minchin wrote. He was ”shocked” to see the report referring to carbon dioxide as ”pollution … which you must know is a gross misrepresentation of a clear odourless gas vital to life on Earth”.

But you have to realise, calling it “carbon pollution” is all part of the media/government ploy to mislead the unsuspecting public. Bernardi on the other hand has the guts to question the science, and isn’t afraid of the inevitable “denier” response from the government:

On his blog yesterday Senator Bernardi, who is Mr Abbott’s parliamentary secretary, wrote that Australia should be having an inquiry into whether there were any ”scientific facts” to back the ”climate change alarm”, rather than talking about policy solutions for the ‘‘non-problem of anthropogenic carbon dioxide”.

”Thousands of people are making billions of dollars out of a pseudoscientific racket that has conned millions of people around the world. We cannot allow it to continue any longer,” he wrote.

After all the climate nonsense spouted by Gillard, Combet and their ilk, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

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  1. I fully expect Labor to head full-on into accusing Minchin and Bernardi of being “deniers”, and attempt to subvert the “carbon” vs “carbon dioxide” distinction, spouting phrases like “everybody knows what it means”.

    It will be hard for them however, to deny that the gas *is* vital to life on Earth without looking completely stupid.

    Let’s hope Minchin and Bernardi stick to the inconvenient facts, rather than engaging Labor in an ad-hominem slinging match.

  2. Oh no! Not another model!
    (This was on the BOM’s wesite today).

    New method predicts a hotter and drier state
    Tuesday October 12, 2010 – 06:45 EDT

    Scientists predict temperatures will rise by almost 3 degrees. – Audience submitted
    New climate research is predicting a hotter and drier Tasmania by the end of the century, if there is no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

    In an Australian first, scientists are using global climate modelling to predict climate change in 10 square kilometre blocks throughout Tasmania.

    Over the next 90 years, it is predicted there will be more dry days and when it does rain the falls will be heavier.

    The temperature is also forecast to rise by almost 3 degrees under current green house gas emission levels and 1.6 degrees at reduced levels.

    Reseacher Doctor Tony Press says the findings are surprising.

    “You can only explain the amount of temperature change that’s happened in Tasmania over the last 50 years by taking into acount the greenhouse gas emmission,” he said.

    Project leader, Professor Nathan Bindoff, says the predictions were tested against historical weather observations.

    “Tasmania’s warmed by half a degree over the last 50 years, 0.1 degrees per decade.”

    “If you look at the simulations, that’s almost precisely the amount that we see since the 1960’s.

    “So the simulations which are only changed by greenhouse gases is exactly the right amount to explain the observed change,” he said.

    The report will be released today at the Climate Futures for Tasmania Summit.

    – ABC

  3. Laurie Williams says:

    Well done, the boys from Adelaide.

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    “He was ”shocked” to see the report referring to carbon dioxide as ”pollution … which you must know is a gross misrepresentation of a clear odourless gas vital to life on Earth”

    Part of the genius of this scam is the use of ambiguous and deceptive terms to describe it.

    For example, the use of the word “carbon”, a word associated to the uninformed in this debate with soot or dirty black smoke to describe a clear odorless gas vital to life on earth.

    We don’t even need to discuss the ever so “convenient” use of the term “Climate Change”

    How deceptive to use such an ambiguous term. As asked by Simon previously what weather event is NOT consistent with Climate Change.

    The boldness of these charlatans in promoting this scam and the numbers they have managed to deceive is nothing short of astonishing.

    We need more like Minchin and Bernardi to stand up and tackle the lies head on.

  5. FYI Bernardi just started up a network for conservatives which has a big group for climate sceptics, so far primarily opposing a carbon tax. If you’re interested it’s called CANdo and is at

    Keep up the good work guys!

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