Unions, industry abandon Labor's carbon tax

Gillards' carbon tax plan…

The house of cards is beginning to topple. One by one, unions and industry are realising (finally, FINALLY) that a carbon tax is bad news all round – and for no benefit whatsoever. Yesterday it was Paul Howes of the Australian Workers Union. Today it is the turn of the big steel companies and various other unions:

Other unions yesterday piled in to back the AWU, including its traditional rival – the left-wing Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union – and the Transport Workers Union.

Ms Gillard plans to place a price on carbon from July next year as an interim step to a full carbon trading system within three to five years. The tax will apply to big polluters and the proceeds redistributed to consumers to help them cope with the effect on consumer prices.

Ministers played down the seriousness of Mr Howes’s intervention, describing it as a case of the union leader “talking to his constituency”. [And there we have the sheer breathtaking arrogance of the Labor government encapsulated for all to see. We are right, everyone else is wrong – Ed]

But his comments were welcomed at a meeting of AWU officials in Sydney, with some demanding tougher rhetoric.

Steel giants BlueScope and OneSteel also seized on Mr Howes’s comments to argue for special treatment of their industry, which employs more than 20,000 people and has been hit by the soaring value of the dollar.

BlueScope Steel chief executive Paul O’Malley said: “BlueScope and the AWU now both agree that a carbon tax would do irreparable damage to the Australian steel industry.”

OneSteel chief executive Geoff Plummer also declared there would be “no global environmental benefit” to impose a carbon tax on Australian steel when a similar tax was not imposed on direct overseas competitors. “We understand the point that Mr Howes is making is that to tax Australian industry is also to tax Australian jobs,” he said. (source)

This is great news. The fantasy universe I mentioned yesterday, which Labor inhabits, crumbles away, and we are left with grim reality. With the unions and industry pulling one way and the Greens pulling the other, Labor and its pointless carbon tax should tear itself apart.

But why has it taken so long?

Also read Dennis Shanahan here, and Terry McCrann’s excellent article: Producing CO2 is what we’re good at.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    The fantasy universe I mentioned yesterday, which Labor inhabits, crumbles away, and we are left with grim reality. With the unions and industry pulling one way and the Greens pulling the other, Labor and its pointless carbon tax should tear itself apart.

    But why has it taken so long?

    Why has it taken so long?

    Delusion about the state of the electorate by those of the progressive left and pretty well summed up by this piece at the Aus. In particular these couple of lines:-

    Lewis reflects a misreading of the electorate common in Labor circles: that the electorate is becoming more progressive, not less, and that sooner or later everyone will come around to its agenda.


    Any politician who underestimates the innate conservatism of the electorate is headed for a fall. With friends like Lewis, Gillard has no need of enemies.

    Typical – the arrogance and ignorance of the progressive left on full display.

    They willfully refuse to accept that they may be wrong and stubbornly cling to the delusion that they can “educate” opponents to their “higher” way of thinking. (higher way of thinking or course is simply code for a delusional fantasy world that has little or NO resemblance to reality whatsoever)


    • Yes, delusion, irrespective of political leaning, always overruns it’s allotted time through sheer momentum, and inertia to change course. The delusion will continue until and unless the central lies upon which these political machinations are based are destroyed.
      I write of the base lie of the science is settled, and all the contingent lies and stratagems in the scientific community to keep this juggernaut going. Unless we get back to the principles of falsifiable science, this rubbish is never going to stop. Support for a carbon tax may collapse now, but some other nonsense will arise from the ashes unless the “science” fully debunked and nullified. That would be a good thing for science btw.

  2. Uhavitbad? says:

    The left will eat their young. The more control you desire, the more disagreements you will encounter with your so-called “allies.”
    Note: Only available in a Democracy!

  3. Unfortunately, Paul Howes latest display of hand-wringing will only add more debt to our, already over burdened, nation’s coffers. What he wants is Juliar to throw more money into protecting AWU jobs.

    Juliar will be more than happy to accommodate his request, because they are desperate to galvanise support for their carbon dioxide tax and so used to spending our money hand over fist. Other unions of course will jump on the bandwagon and ask their jobs are protected also, using our money.

    The ones who will suffer will be non-union workers and small businesses who will once again be asked to dig deeper into their pockets to ensure Juliar remains in Canberra.

  4. Lee Mazengarb says:

    Taking too long to be against it and voice disapproval as they are getting bribed to accept it with payments, donations, promises, future job oppurtunities and possible exemptions etc. Basically they arent acting for the good of the employees or Australia but merely their own personal interests. Divide and conquer and the union leaders are in up to their collective necks. Everyone should be openly against it. It wont reduce pollution anyway, tougher epa would do it, no need for tax, rorts, rip offs, under table deals etc.

  5. Graham Richards says:

    We now hear about a $13 billion “hole in the economy”.

    I think it’s actually a hole in the government’s finances, hence the need for a warming, climate change, carbon, pollution or whatever it’s next name will be, TAX. They are lying again & we can see straight thru them.

    Gillard & Co know that CO2 is not a problem but a huge lie which can win them untold $billions in tax revenue. That’s also known as fraud.
    We will remember them!!

    It’s time for an election Mr Abbott! Do something!!

  6. “But why has it taken so long?”

    This article in The Australian from a few weeks ago might help to explain.

    It really is staggering to realise just how extensive a “Kool-Aid Collective” the Labor party (State and Federal) has become. In this sort of environment, there is no voice of dissent – no sanity checks – on anything. Everyone is telling everone else exactly what they all want to hear.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      In this sort of environment, there is no voice of dissent – no sanity checks – on anything. Everyone is telling everone else exactly what they all want to hear.

      Their science is just like their politics…

  7. Sean McHugh says:

    I received this e-mail from a key member of the Great Southern Cross party. I quote it below. Although I expect that disclosing the author’s name would not constitute a problem, I have not yet confirmed that and therefore won’t include it:

    Dear Greg,

    I write with great concern re: your statement yesterday that Australia is the highest per capita emitters of CO2 in the world.

    This is blatantly false. You are either willingly deceiving the public or ill informed.

    Here are just three links, of many as proof.


    Here is another by the World Bank.


    And Finally this link.


    You will observe that all the graphics were reproduced from the World Resources Institutes (WRI) Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) Brochure for COP-15, Copenhagen (based on CAITv.7.0). Washington, DC: World Resources Institute.

    How did you come to the conclusion that Australians are the highest emitters? Why is your government attempting to shoulder Australians with guilt based on a false statement?

    I will endeavour to seek these answers by applying pressure to yourself through other mediums.


    xxxxx xxxxx

    Great Southern Cross

    He also Cc’d Tony Abbott. I know that the Opposition leader is trying to keep his message simple, but I don’t think it would do him any harm to expose the lies surrounding this tax. It’s rotten with fibs. Hell, realise that next year it’s due to start on the 1st of Juliar!

  8. fred nerk says:

    have you noticed that the old smoke screen “the unemployed” has hit the media again,how convenient,when you can’t win the argument change the subject of coarse it helps to have a tame media.maybe its just a fragment of my imagination

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