Green/Left can't handle balanced media

Brown and Sheikh

Apologies for the lack of posts – unexpectedly engaged in other things. But the two most ridiculous stories of the last day or so must be Bob Brown’s meltdown about the Murdoch “hate media“, and GetUp!’s protest about ABC’s “lurch to the right“.

This shows so many things it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, of course, Bob Brown is so used to being treated with kid gloves that as soon as anyone asks anything like a curly question which he can’t answer, he flies off the handle and attacks his questioner, rather than actually addressing the issue. The Greens have for too long been regarded as above criticism, because their aims, supposedly “saving the planet”, are regarded as being on a higher moral plane than usual grubby politics. The reverse is actually true. The Greens are the grubby, people hating party, happy to sacrifice the well-being of the population on the altar of pointless environmentalism.

Brown has shown himself to be the shallow, inept politician we all knew he was. But now the Greens are in government and wielding power, they seem to expect the same easy ride. Well, sorry Bob, it doesn’t work like that. Your policies, ludicrous as they are, will be subjected to the same scrutiny as those of Labor and the Coalition. So my advice to you is: get the hell used to it. Because it will only get worse – far worse.

As for GetUp!, you really have to laugh, don’t you. This bunch of leftard lemmings is similarly so used to being pandered to by a lefty media, like ABC and Fairfax, that when Chris Uhlmann asks some difficult questions, it’s branded, Pavlov’s dog fashion, as a “lurch to the right”. Ding ding. No it isn’t Simon Sheikh, you halfwit. It’s a tiny, almost imperceptible step back towards something vaguely approaching the centre, which is exactly what is needed at the ABC.

Brown and Sheikh are like toddlers who have had their favourite toy (a compliant and biased media) cruelly taken away from them – and they just can’t cope.

Too funny for words.


  1. Dallas Beaufort says:

    No apologies needed, the pace of information is astounding, considering green labors time warp where their community consultation is missing in action and are blaming Tony Abbott for everything they cant manage. Bob Brown and friends, the current prime minister especially, need a break in the forests of Tasmania in winter to chill out as SA is getting to be a second home, and from the feedback, the residents are getting a bit sick and tired of them hanging out in their backyard for too long.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    A word of advice for Bob. Keep it up!

    We’re onto you…

  3. I agree with this, if you’re in politics and have some influence and power, then expect to be questioned about it. I look forward to seeing the Greens policy ideas examined closely.

    I hope people who thought a “protest” Green vote was the same as a “protest” Democrat vote will learn from their mistake. The Greens will ruin the economy and our way of life if given half a chance.

    Now, I don’t think I can bring myself to watch Bob Brown again, but, it seems to me like, on one hand he wants to shut down the coal industry, and on the other, wants to put money aside from the coal industry for a “future fund” type arrangement. I am a bit confused, how can one reap the benefits of an industry that has been closed down? You confused me Senator…

  4. Baldrick says:

    It’s about time the Greens policies were scrutinised a little closer. They should be outed for their anti democratic stance and their belief in turning Australia into a quasi communist state led by Chairman Brown. They’re anti business, anti people and anti democracy all rolled into one big watermelon, which is ‘green’ on the outside, but ‘red’ on the inside – big in size but little in substance.

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