Fellow Earthians: Greens' bizarre psyche revealed

Bunch of nut-jobs

We’ve always suspected that the Greens were a bunch of nut-jobs, since anyone who puts the environment above care for the human condition must have serious psychological issues.

But recently, their twisted and disturbed way of thinking was confirmed and laid bare by Greens leader Bob Brown, in a recent speech, which begins thus (and this is no joke – the link to the Greens website is here):

Fellow Earthians,

Never before has the Universe unfolded such a flower as our collective human intelligence, so far as we know.

Nor has such a one-and-only brilliance in the Universe stood at the brink of extinction, so far as we know.

We people of the Earth exist because our potential was there in the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, as the Universe exploded into being.

So far, it seems like we are the lone thinkers in this vast, expanding Universe.

Exclude yourself from the “thinkers” by the way, Bob. He ponders why other civilisations haven’t contacted us. His conclusion: because they have all “extincted themselves”. He doesn’t consider the miriad other possibilities, for example, that even at the speed of light, information from the other side of the universe may take billions of years to reach us, or that electromagnetic signals from such vast distances (unless stellar in origin) are too weak to reach us.

Or that the time we are currently living in isn’t particularly special on a universal scale, so why out of 4.5 billion years since the beginning of the Solar System, the alien signals choose Bob Brown’s lifetime (0.0000014% of that timeframe) as the exact time to arrive.

No, clearly alien life forms have evolved, built SUVs and sent their home planets into climate death spirals – talk about a blinkered, geocentric view of the universe! For all the talk of the wonders of the universe, Bob’s comprehension of it extends no further than the here and now.

And for those of you who still believe that “climate change alarmism as a means to global government” is a conspiracy theory dreamed up by filthy deniers:

We need a strategy. We need action based on the reality that this is our own responsibility – everyone’s responsibility.

So democracy – ensuring that everyone is involved in deciding Earth’s future – is the key to success.  

For comprehensive Earth action, an all-of-the-Earth representative democracy is required. That is, a global parliament.

The concept of world democracy goes back centuries, but since 2007, there has been a new movement towards an elected, representative assembly at the United Nations, in parallel with the unelected, appointed, General Assembly. This elected assembly would have none of the General Assembly’s powers but would be an important step along the way to a future, popularly elected and agreeably empowered global assembly.

We Earthians can develop rosier prospects. We have been to the Moon. We have landed eyes and ears on Mars. We are discovering planets hundreds of light years close which are ripe for life. We are on a journey to endless wonder in the Cosmos and to realising our own remarkable potential. 

To give this vision security, we must get our own planet in order.

Anyone who continues to plug the conspiracy line – just look above. Brown doesn’t consider exactly the mechanics of how this would all work, but that’s irrelevant to Brown, who seems happy to abandon our own self-determination and hand over power to some remote global parliament. And if that’s still not clear enough for you:

So let us resolve that there should be established for the prevalence and happiness of humankind a representative assembly a global parliament for the people of the Earth based on the principle of one person one vote one value; and to enable this outcome that it should be a bicameral parliament with its house of review having equal representation elected from every nationAn Earth parliament for all. But what would be its commission? Here are four goals:

Economy. Equality. Ecology. Eternity.

Sorry, not global government but “earth parliament”. Away with the fairies, Bob.

And finally, if you think this was just Brown off on a frolic of his own, Christine Milne defends the speech in The Australian today, calling it “very inspiring”. Says it all, really.


  1. ExWarmist says:

    Useful idiots who enable the creation of totalitarian states under the mask of democracy typically are first in line for target practice by firing squads, as the newly entrenched oligarchs have no further use for them, and they don’t need “noisy monkeys” complaining about how everthing turned out.

  2. Whilst some civilisations might have “extincted” themselves, that doesn’t mean they all have, nor does it mean they’re within a distance capable of reaching us (through signals or physically) within the epoch of their (or our) species, assuming we might (hopefully not) wipe ourselves out at some time.

    Remember also that we’ve only been capable of interpreting electromagnetic signals for a very minute fraction of time; another civilisation might have been sending for millions of years, and long given up any hope.

    That these considerations are not abundantly clear to Bob indicates that he is incapable of rational thought. It is beyond frightening that he is the leader of a political party.

  3. Someone is missing a fruit cake.

  4. What a wacka doodle!!

  5. Richard Abbott says:


    … And for good measure Bob there has been no Alien contact as still waiting, waiting for that now much government advertised NBN roll out…..

  6. Streetcred says:

    Attention all Greenies! Attention all Greenies!

    Spaceship 1-4-ALL gate is now open. Will you please assemble at the cliff top and prepare to embark. 1-4-ALL will swoop below the cliff edge at which time you must all jump into its force field as it passes. Those not able to embark successfully will not get a second chance.

  7. Wasn’t it Bob Brown and the Labor luvvie Canberra Press Gallery that had a go at Clive Palmer about his tongue in cheek remarks about the CIA and the Greens?

    Unfortunately for Bob it wasn’t his tongue sticking in his cheek! 😉

  8. rukidding says:

    And they ridiculed Pauline Hansen for asking please explain.
    I think Bob Brown needs to please explain.
    And this man gets to pass laws that effect all of us

  9. bushwanker says:

    I can not understand the mentality of the Green nutters.
    What they should be worried about is the chunk of rock from deep space hurtling towards our planet and due to arrive real soon on a scale of time since the Big Bang to now.
    Why aren’t the alarmists worried about this event that will happen which will have a much greater impact on Earth’s civilisation than the possibility that CO2 causes warming or detectable climate change, I guess it’s because of the Green mentality of not being able to see past their nose.

  10. chris ozman says:

    Ah ha, so people are now starting to get it.The Greens are a Trotsktyist party who have worked on Fabian Society principles since they started (as have the Gay Lobby incidentally) i.e effecting the change you desire in a Society by small, incremental changes rather than trying to push through major change that would normally otherwise be rejected. In doing so they soften up the public based on the previous change they had implemented using that as a precedent for further change. Very clever and unfortunately in such a politically apathetic country as Australia, very easy. The “Greens” have always had as their ultimate strategy the fall of capitalism, followed by World Government. The green bit has always been the front, a sort of motherhood issue that is hard to argue with, but even a cursory inspection of their website reveals their true agenda is in effecting radical societal change in Western countries until the fabric of society itself collapses.

    To reach their ultimate goal they have to scare people globally, as only a truly global and imminent threat would convince the public in democracies to cede their sovereignty. Enter “Global warming”, ya starting to get it now guys?

    • David Farmer says:

      Don`t flatter yourself Chris. Most people with more than 100 brain cells have been aware of the the greens and the gay lobby`s agenda and their methods to attain it for at least five years.
      So your patronising stance is most unattractive. Repent

      • bushwanker says:

        It may well be patronising but Chris is dead right particularly in respect to the ignorance/apathy of a lot of the Australian public until you hit them over the head with it and then it’s too late.
        A lot of people a sucked in by the Greens and the Gay lobby because they only see the superficial public agenda.

      • chrisozman says:

        No David, that is pure wishful thinking, you need to up the brain cell count by a factor of 100. Most Australians think the Greens are, wait for it, all about the environment! LOL LOL. Sorry it cracks me up every time!

  11. He really is off with the pixies. But whatever, the longer he stays as the shadow PM with a media megaphone, the more damage he does to his cause. So keep it up, Bob, and make sure Christine and Lee get a say, as well!

  12. So the Greens are split between a religious cult preaching the imminent end of the world and a beret-wearing cadre of communist revolutionaries vowing to smash capitalism. Erm, no future there and I’d say it has taken people only 18 months watching them exercising power to realise how dangerous and irresponsible they are. They will be annihilated at next year’s federal election – and the carbon dioxide tax hasn’t even started hurting yet!

  13. We will soon see the biggest “cat” fight ever in the Greens with the arrival of Rhiannon & Waters to the senate and the current Senators Milne & Hanson Young all as ambitious as high hell. Standby for a leadership row that makes Rudd v Gillard look like a picnic!

  14. Is it possible to have him taken away for psychiatric assessment – for his own good, and that of others?
    Is there any Mental health Act that would allow this to happen?

  15. “Bob’s comprehension of it extends no further than the here and now.”

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with the phrasing. It should read something like, “Bob’s comprehension of it extends no further than his ego”.

    In fact, he obviously has very little comprehension of the here and now, only some wafty, loony ideas in his putrified green mind.

    His lettuce is well, well, well past its use-by date !!!

  16. Bob Brown’s 4th goal: Eternity.

    OMG. If he looks this craggy & scary today, he will truly be a horrific & terrifying sight in 100 years…!!

  17. Bob Brown should be placed on the B-Ark along with the phone sanitisers…

  18. Brian Venten says:

    Here’s the link to Bob Brown’s the full speech. Read it and make up your own mind. Thanks again Simon for alerting us to yet another ‘green theme’.
    http://greensmps.org.au/content/news-stories/bob-brown-delivers-3rd-annual-green-oration. What bothers me is that we probably won’t hear much serious media critiquing of the address as so much of our news reporting comes via Fairfax. As reported previously Fairfax owns 33% of the Earth Hour machine. If you read about Earth Hour you soon begin to realize why Fairfax is so uncritical of all things AGW. BB’s speech may fall into the same slot as ‘favorable reporting’ for Fairfax. Here’s a list of the Fairfax stable http://www.fxj.com.au/our-assets/PublicationsListfor2011.pdf.

  19. i think the story of aliens is cute,however i think its a cover for his obsession with a one world govt,he made similar comments last year,what is it with this douche and why cant someone ask him how he reconciles his position with sec 44.i of our constitution and at the end of his explanation he should be made to reaffirm his commitment to the people by taking the oath of his office once more.I am getting sick of these treasonous sell out cockroaches.

  20. JustMEinT says:

    Economy. Equality. Ecology. Eternity.

    Errrr excuse me Bob but you seem to have forgotton – or never learned that ETERNITY belongs in God’s realm… HIS and HIS alone mate. I think we should all pray for this poor lost soul!

    I think Bob now qualifies for the cover of MAD Magazine ……..

  21. My theory is that Bob is an alien. What other explanation can there be?

  22. uhavitbad says:

    Great comments, Keep it up, you upside down people, you!

  23. Richard N says:

    Earth to Bob , Australians are in general proud of our democracy (all be it undermined by yourself and Juliar) and our way of life. No suicide bombers or religious intolerence here to speak of. I think you’ll find we as a people would seriously defend our right to govern ourselves , our way . But please keep expsressing your world government view to the public right up to the next election. It sounds like a real vote winner!

  24. Bryan Harris says:

    Trouble is that these are the same idiots, pushing this agenda, as have the power to make it happen….

    What they are saying is “use the EU system” – the executive is the unelected horse traded individual of low calibre, who know how to follow a plan laid down for them, while a parliament supposedly to represent all nations just means that anyone opposing anything wouldn’t have a chance of getting support to stop it.

    The European parliament is made up of mainly socialists, greens and communists – what hope does Britain have in getting anything logical through this house of legislation – a legislation factory by any other name!
    The same would apply to a world government, and any nation trying to rebel against the tide.

    They call it democracy, then rig things in such a way as to ensure only the political elite have any say in what they impose on us.

    So, NO – we don’t want your world government, even if you pretend its all about democracy.

  25. ken geiberras says:

    What really frightens me about Bob Browns is his attack on free press and hence, freedom of speech

  26. BrownOut says:

    Perhaps Bob is really onto something with his extinction theory if we use our own civilisation as an example. One could propose a theory that “Just as civilisations become advanced and are on the cusp of greatness, they introduce silly green schemes and carbon taxes. Extinction follows rapidly….!”.

    Or perhaps the modern same sex relationship can achieve the same outcome ? 🙂

  27. If Mad Bob really thinks that life on other planets “became able to alter its environment” he must allow that it could be altered for all the supposedly right reasons (that he would agree with), and yet get it totally and disastrously wrong. I’m so glad we don’t have this ability.
    I’m sorry if the ‘Mad’ appellation to Bob is considered ad hominem. I just see it as a statement of fact.
    Perhaps Bob needs to watch some more sci-fi movies where the aliens just take over planets and remove all the resources they want and then move on to the next one. Rather than going extinct, they are thriving through the harvesting of planets. Alternatively, he could watch movies where the aliens come to Earth to warn us not to “harm” our planet…. or else. Maybe the second type would appeal to Brown’s urge for power, and hatred of humanity. Hmm, maybe he shouldn’t watch them.

  28. “…An elected, representative assembly at the United Nations, in parallel with the unelected, appointed, General Assembly. This elected assembly would have none of the General Assembly’s powers…”

    What’s the point of it then???

    As far as I understood it, each member of the UN has a representative in the General Assembly, and they have 1 vote each. I hardly think that having another layer of politics and bureaucracy will help the UN function more efficiently or fairly.

    As for the whole speech, well, it does have that “crazy cult leader with delusions of grandeur” ring to it, which would make it an utterly hilarious read, if we didn’t have so many Greens members elected to parliaments across the country.

    • Bryan Harris says:

      The point is about alleged democratic legitimacy – a parliament stands for democracy… normally – see above for why it would be a disaster for us all.

  29. ExWarmist said it all!

  30. “We have landed on the moon. We have landed eyes and ears on Mars.We are discovering planets . . . ”
    Nice of him to cherrypick some of man’s greater recent achievements(fossil-fueled, of course) for his rhapsody,but can anybody possibly imagine that any of these would have happened with a worldwide bunch of like-minded eco-lunatics in charge?
    Much needed armour-plated limos/exec jets/palaces for the leaders of starving nations, yes: large expenditure on scientific progress, no.

  31. Thon Brocket says:

    Nixon’s Head in Futurama:
    “Fellow Earthicans…”

  32. Salverie, Inequalite, Stupidite!

    Caveat Emptor

  33. mikewhiskey says:


    It will be quite obvious in the first few sentences of this post that I am (shock horror) what you (and I) would consider a ‘lefty’. Just thought I would get that out of the way… Let me just say that I am all for what this site stands for. Mainstream media certainly does not present a real diversity of views for citizens to engage with, nor does it (as is often claimed) present ‘facts’ to let the public make up their own mind about issues of importance. The media may not tell us what to think, but they certainly tell us what to think about. While I applaud the kind of independent thinking that spawned this site, I do have a few thoughts to share with you that I hope you’ll mull over. In the spirit of debate I’d like to hear peoples’ responses (minus accusations of me being a communist of nut-job, unless of course you can back them up!). Ok here we go….

    In the introduction to this post by Simon, he states “…anyone who puts the environment above care for the human condition must have serious psychological issues.” Without spurting a speech quite as flowery and zany as Bob’s, I feel it must be pointed out to you that humans exist within the environment, and so the human condition cannot be considered or examined in isolation as if we are not a part of this earth. Really, that’s not hippy talk, that’s solid logic. Another fact that logically follows on from this is if you take away the environment (i.e. if it deteriorates to the point where ecosystems fall apart and natural ecological processes cease to function) then humans cannot exist. My point is, anyone who is concerned for ‘the human condition’ but is not at all concerned with environmental issues perhaps is the one with issues…

    This next point speaks to the sentiments of the reader comments in general, and to the sentiments expressed by Simon in the ‘ACM Summary’ section of this site:

    —There are accusations that the Greens (and left-leaning people in general) are trying to rob Western people of economic growth and progress and decrease our standard of living which is seen as heretical. The question I pose is, why do you think that we are entitled to our current standard of living? Why is it that we are entitled to multiple big-screen TVs and SUVs and rock-bottom energy, food, consumable prices etc.? We have only had this standard of living for half a century or so, what if it is just a temporary aberration fuelled by cheap oil and cheap labour, and what if this period comes to an end? And what exactly does ‘well being’ mean to you? Does it mean having all these things or does it mean being happy? If it means being happy there may be other alternatives to the current path. Also, there is a difference between economic growth (growth for the sake of growth) and economic progress. The global economy cannot grow (in size) forever as we live on a finite planet with finite resources.

    —Readers seem to believe this (tell me if I am mistaken): The current economic (and political, and social) system of corporate capitalism that dominates the globe is seen as a natural progression of humanity rather than as the result of certain historical trends, which, if there different, might have led to the dominance of an alternative system. So, anybody who disagrees with the dominant corporate capitalist system is necessarily an extremist (or a communist or a crazy person). I just find it interesting that readers talk about the ignorance any apathy of the Australian public, that they can’t see the ‘Green agenda’, and yet there is no comment on the opposing ‘agenda’, that of the powers-that-be within our current corporate capitalist system. Personally I think that if you want to have a conversation about brainwashing or agendas then you need to also look at your own preconceived ideas about economics and the environment; they were borne from somebody’s ‘agenda’ as well… On this note too, I would like to provoke you a bit by suggesting that perhaps we already do have the ‘world government’ that you so fear, and it exists as the overarching neo-liberal ideology, the corporate capitalist economic system, and the dominance of laissez-faire economic policy. These things may not be a government in the sense that they are not technically a political body and they are not elected, but they certainly rule the world like a world government might…

    In closing (apologies for the length of this post, I always tend to write mini-essays) I would like to present a cheeky paraphrase of Simon’s words in his ACM Summary to make a point: ‘Alternative’ viewpoints on economics, politics and the environment exist to communicate an alternative viewpoint to the one-sided presentation of ‘capitalism as progress’ and other dominant discourses provided by the Australian government, mainstream media, and public opinion.

    Cheers for getting this far if you did, I’d like to hear your thoughts!

  34. mike whiskey…. couldn’t agree more.
    NASA photo’s of earth alone in the ether must send shivers up ones spine when witnessed the needless damage to this beautiful living planet for individual wealth.
    Yes… we do not need this unrelenting corporate cartel growth… we need clean air, water, food and products that compliment living…… not the bottom line.
    I am not a greenie as I feel sometimes that they want no human habitat on earth and their draconian agenda is a affront to any human individual effort anyway.
    But…. we certainly must change our attitude to these mass manufactured goods that ride on this crap propaganda of continual growth that is the major pollutant.
    Permanent war is another and it is the major pollutant alongside the corporate cartels… joined at the hip!

  35. mike williams says:

    mikewhiskey”Why is it that we are entitled to multiple big-screen TVs and SUVs and rock-bottom energy, food, consumable prices etc.? ”

    The problem is Mike..the people telling (inferring?) that those products are bad…have no problem owning these products but still lecture to us, the great unwashed why we should feel guilty.
    How many green voters are off the grid/driving electric cars etc,
    Its a number near zero…
    I read the standard dont ask any critical questions interview with Milne awhile ago..
    No questions about number of cars/tv/solar cells she owns etc..at the end of the “save the world” meme..without blushing was jumping on a plane overseas for a holiday.
    And I voted for the Greens for years..shame on me.
    And..since I am on a roll..when have you ever seen a Green interviewed and asked critical questions..I never have.
    And..the silence from the green supporters to the ideas below..was due to “saving the planet” was it..
    Yeah right.. 🙂
    1/Browns ideas of a one world govt
    2/Finkelstein suggestions..

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