Australian Academy of Science makes Flannery a fellow

Where's my crystal ball?

Discredited alarmist institution confers fellowship on discredited alarmist scientist in recognition of his services to failed climate astrology. All mates together.

Representing Australia’s leading research scientists, the Australian Academy of Science annually honours a small number of Australian scientists for their outstanding contributions to science, by election to the Academy.

The new Fellows hail from institutions around Australia and have made internationally significant achievements in a broad range of scientific disciplines. The youngest is only 39 years of age.

“I warmly congratulate all of our new Fellows for their outstanding contributions to Australia and the world,” said Academy President, Professor Suzanne Cory.

The new Fellows will be admitted to the Australian Academy of Science and present summaries of the work for which they have been honoured at the Academy’s annual three-day celebration, Science at the Shine Dome, on 2 May in Canberra.

New Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science are:

Professor Timothy Fridtjof Flannery FAA
Environmental sustainability, Macquarie University
Advancing public awareness and understanding of science. (source)

Fridtjof. Heh.

(h/t JoNova)


  1. Richard Abbott says:

    JUST HAVE TO QUERY HIS “outstanding contributions to science”

  2. Failed predictions, causing waste of public money are considered “outstanding contributions”? Not in the universe I live in.

  3. I know just what’ll happen here, you ungrateful people will be raining on poor ole Tim’s parade. He’s been misquoted on everything he’s said and written. He’s never used the word “desalination” in his life. He genuinely thought Brisbane was in the Gibson Desert, and Perth was just down the road from Alice. Whenever he’s said anything about sea level rise, he’s been quoting pier-reviewed literature, but mistakenly said “metres” when he meant “centimetres”. He doesn’t make predictions, he makes projections, and those cautiously – you’ve all read him wrong. He just can’t do or say anything right for you deniers. The trouble is, he’s dammed if he does, and dammed if he doesn’t, Poor Fellow.

  4. Sean McHugh says:

    Climate science is not just making itself look stupid, it is eroding the credibility of science itself. Science does not deserve this, but more and more its scientists do.

  5. The Australian Academy of Science Fellowship Awards definition:
    An in-house, back-slapping, self-congratulatory, good ole boys club award. Where eminent professors sit in comfortable smoking lounge chairs sipping Cognac whilst inhaling on big fat cigars, discussing who has earned a seat at the Club. Non-pal reviewed hopefuls need not apply!<

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      If anyone remained in doubt about about the integrity of the Australian Academy of Science, an award such as this one should certainly dispel those doubts.

  6. Dear fellow Earthians (and other assorted mugs)

    Prof Tim, of planet Earth and not yet extincted, has consistently warned you of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) which means, and mark my words:

    1) That there will be some dangerous warm weather events.
    2) That there will be some dangerous cooler weather events.
    3) That there will be some dangerous hot weather events.
    4) That there will be some dangerous cold weather events.
    5) That there will be some dangerous dryer weather events.
    6) That there will be some dangerous wetter weather events.
    7) That there will be some dangerous drought weather events.
    8) That there will be some dangerous flooding weather events.
    9) That there will be some dangerous fire weather events.
    10) That there will be some dangerous dry river beds weather events.
    11) That there will be some dangerous trickle river bed weather events.
    12) That there will be some dangerous full river bed weather events.
    13) That there will be some dangerous plastic bottled water weather events.
    14) That there will be some dangerous volcanic weather events.
    15) That there will be some dangerous earthquake & tsunami weather events.
    16) That there will be some dangerous house building by the sea weather events.
    17) That there will be some dangerous cyclone, tornado and storm weather events.
    18) That there will be some dangerous insurance related weather events.

    And to top it all off, if you mugs don’t watch out you might get bitten on the ass by a Scottish midget sheep.

  7. gyptis444 says:

    So much for the reputation of the AAS!
    Is the lack of integrity a top-down or bottom-up phenomenon?
    Hard to tell. ‘Climate science’, post-modern science and politics mutually corrupt each other and the corruption is encouraged, aided and abetted by the MSM. The emperor (?empress) has no clothes and neither does the AAS now.

  8. well blow me down

  9. Richard N says:

    The acadamy no doubt realises that warmist scarmongers like Flannery need all the support and encouragement they can get in order to keep their spirits up while they expectantly wait for the next heat wave,cyclone , flood or bush fire to come along, so they can blame it on AGW. Has anyone even seen or heard Flannery since the dams filled?

  10. I thought that was how governments disposed of embarrassing flakes when their usefulness becomes a burden: publicly give them an award to thank them for their service, then quietly retire them to a pasture out back. We can hope.

  11. John C Fairfax says:

    Ocean covers about 72 percent of our world’s surface and produces over 50 percent of all oxygen, therefore ocean plant matter surely should be considered in climate science, so has IPCC science measured and assessed photosynthesis-linked warmth in unprecedented sewage proliferated ocean micro algae, including warmth from algae in unprecedented ocean dead zones worldwide?

  12. He may be Fridtjof to his Ma and Pa but he’ll always be Flim to us.

  13. The AAS logo does look a bit like an alien UFO.

    Does this explain anything?

  14. Stephen Brown says:

    The Australian Academy of Science should have the same fate which the UK’s Royal Society deserves and that is a mandatory dissolution with no further members being admitted.
    New and properly constituted Institutions should be set up with the requirement to follow the Scientific Method at all times being written into their respective constitutions.

  15. The Australian Academy of Science has to be shamed and erased when Tony gets in. Something else for his ‘to be done’ list.

  16. Thankfully, after looking at the list, not all the new Fellows appear to be climate change related, and they seem to have made some valuable contributions to our understanding of things. Maybe there is some credibility somewhere there, if it doesn’t involve climate science, though I can only imagine Sir Mark Oliphant is spinning slowly in his grave.

    As for Tim Flannery, well, the 2 guys from the Curiosity Show (showing my age) contributed more positively to public awareness and understanding of science in each episode, than Tim has done in years, with regards to climate change. I’d like to think it’s just for his “real” work in his Pre-alarmist phase, but I doubt it.

  17. What a joke!

  18. Where d’you think the name “Wizard of Oz” came from? Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Tim’s house “Ocean View”, past the mothballed desalination plant, but be careful not to step in any puddles of hyperbole.

  19. Lucky that accurate “crystal ball gazing” is not a prerequisite for a Fellow of the AAS.

    Poor old Timmy would have to be the Dunce of the class in that subject!

  20. How can one use old methods of recording data and join them to a new method that is more accurate and expect the whole thing to be accurate. Not only just that, these so called climate scientist have bodged up the numbers to project their results ( a warming trend) Data has been deleted and the most contradictory event is the medieval age. Where co2 and temperature levels were higher than what they are today. But how could that be when there was no industrial pollution. And these scientist want to delete that event. Because it contradicts their science which is bad science. If you think too much co2 will effect the planets plants from growing think again A commercial green house is filled with 1500ppm (15%) co2 and for it to get 1500ppm on earth is 1000s and 1000s of years away and the temperature in these green houses is 32-35 degs C humidity makes it feel hotter.. not co2…

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