Earth Hour Open Thread

Not a CFL or LED in sight

UPDATE: ACM will be taking a break for a while. Comments on this thread will continue to be posted.

In honour of the pointless environmental token known as Earth Hour, I’m spending my weekend at ACM Towers (see right) replacing all the hopeless CFLs with evil tungsten filament bulbs (or “globes” as they are bizarrely called here in Aus). So it’s up to you to discuss any climate related issues here. Play nicely.

Don’t forget, celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead…


  1. Lets light up the sky people!

  2. If I were silly enough to jump on the Earth Hour bandwagon, I’d have had to cancel for the gig I’m playing at tonight since it starts at 9pm, half way into Earth Hour. Instead, I’ll be celebrating humankind’s achievement of electricity and turning the volume up.

  3. Richard Abbott says:

    Loved Mr Watt’s earth hour poll result, where those turned off climate change are not turned on to turn off lights.

    [REPLY – Link here – Ed]

  4. Well I don’t normally turn everything on for human achievement/earth hour but this year I have.

    You could say I’m being petty but I’m showing my appreciation for all the benefits of modern life through my power meter.

  5. Baldrick says:

    I think the Mauritians have the right idea regarding Earth Hour. This link will direct you to the Earth Hour website – click on the map of Africa then click on Mauritius. There you’ll find the following:

    “The national celebrations, also known as National Earth Hour Mauritius, will be held in the beautiful town of Curepipe where the Queen Elizabeth Avenue (main historical street) and key landmarks will light up at night.”

  6. QLD Sceptic says:

    All the greenies living in the dark for an hour is a lovely GESTURE. But that is all it is. No substance to it, no change, just a feel good gesture. Me, lights on, TV on, laptop on. No change for me. However, I do feel good knowing my electricity use is at a (now) low activity period!

  7. Mister T says:

    Well, I celebrated by turning on every light in the house – and there’s not one mercury-filled toxic CFL in the place.
    And I went for a drive in my turbo-diesel SUV – and left my empty house well-lit during my absence.

  8. Human Achievement Hour is an excellent concept, though I imagine it’ll be banned because it promotes independent thought, free speech, and being positive about the past, and future, all things which just don’t work well with Green/Labor politics (or politics in general, it seems).

  9. Sean2829 says:

    Nothing frustrates a publicity hound more than fading into anonymity. The best way to handle earth hour is to ignore it.

  10. WarrenL says:

    Probably not due to Earth Hour, but quite a few streets near the Granville/Merrylands (NSW) boundary were without street lights tonight.

  11. Only the morally week and the mentally insignificant, participate in these pseudo quasi religious BS “earthdays”. I demand my right to freedom from religion.

  12. agwnonsense says:

    Can’t I practice living in a cave please oh please

  13. SOYLENT GREEN says:
  14. Where did you get the tungsten filament bulbs from?

  15. Lillith says “Lets light up the sky people!” Sorry, Lillith: there ain’t no sky people. Ray demands freedom from religion (from sky people): Earth Hour has nothing to do with religion, Ray – it’s merely a gesture to remind us all not to waste energy. If everyone in New South Wales, say, made savings most of the time, we might manage with one less power station. Good for everyone’s bottom line. To Mister T and all others whose response is to burn as much energy as possible: how childish and wasteful.

  16. I celebrated the “Miracle of Coal” by leaving all my lights switched on, including my computer monitor, opened my microwave oven door, left my porch light on to guide the delivery man through the darkness, kept my digital clock operating, didn’t disconnect my electrically powered telephone landline, didn’t disconnect my mobile from electrically-powered battery replenishment, didn’t switch off my refrigerator, operated my washing machine and dryer, vacuumed the carpet – then collapsed to watch the TV!

    Let’s have a “Celebrate Coal” Hour –

  17. Mister T says:

    marnit, you accuse me of being “childish and wasteful” – how about the $100 billion plus wasted so far in trying (unsuccessfully) to prove Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming?

    How about the hundreds of billions being spent on “wind power” – made profitable only by huge taxpayer handouts?

    How about the costof the Gillard-Brown communist government’s “green” policies?

    How about the denigration of true science by the likes of Hansen, Mann, Schmidt et al? The reputation of all scientists is suffering from the politicised actions of these fools.
    Even the once highly respected CSIRO & BOM have jumped onto the CAGW gravy train.

    In this country, we don’t shoot politicians and blow up people. Instead, while we still have the freedom to comment, we make mockery of foolishness – pointing out the fallacies of the enviro-fascists’ “arguments” would be like trying to convert the Pope to Islam – it ain’t gonna happen (I hope).

    Talking about childish, what are you wearing on your head in your photo?

  18. “Earth Hour” celebrates the “mushroom syndrome” whereby the proles are kept in the dark and have shit shovelled on them daily by authoritarian governments who know (not just think) they know what’s best for everyone, and take what’s best for themselves.

  19. Report from Vancouver Canada.

    I Live on the hill in a Penthouse on the slopes above David Suzuki water front mansion. We had a big LOUD rooftop party with every light on and SHOW TIME sky lighters that light up the clouds. to celebrate mans ingenuity I sure David heard it. LOL

  20. PAYG:
    If fewer people used so much energy then fewer turbines would be needed.

    Mister T:
    [a] Calling the Gillard-Brown government “communist” shows you have no idea what communism really is.
    [b] You ask about “the denigration of true science by the likes of Hansen, Mann, Schmidt et al”. You’re a scientist, are you? You can show how these men have denigrated true science?
    [c] That’s not me in the photo. That’s my alpaca.
    [d] Here’s a challenge: if just one sceptic were to publish research in a refereed journal that showed conclusively that “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming” does not exist, then [i] that person would win a Nobel Prize, and [ii] we could save the money and do something useful with it, like give it to the mining companies.

    • marnit says: “If fewer people used so much energy then fewer turbines would be needed.”

      Obviously you don’t read what you have written so I’ll assume that you meant to put the word “Less” between “……much energy……..” and in the alternative, then you would be idiot.

      Notwithstanding, the only way that a modern society, which includes however is not limited to, hospitals & other emergency services, government & government agencies, any person that is food dependent (obviously not you), infrastructure & infrastructure dependent or the “Holy Grail”, welfare payments by electronic funds transfer (that would be you) would need “Fewer turbines” is if they built bigger one instead.

      Having meat-ants as the dominate species in your world hardly looks like fun.

    • marnit – i be busy at the moment but just one quick point – why the hell should we have to prove that “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming does not exist” when it’s you w[snip]ers that want to bankrupt the world and throw us back into the dark ages.

      Grow up you [snip] – you provide the proof that CAGW does exist – YOU justify it.

      As far as communism – i work with some eastern Europeans – they seem to hold the opinion that this federal lot is communist, from experience.

      I will get back to the others later – you’re an [snip] (from that photo).

      • An enormous amount of research has led to conclusions endorsed by 97% of the world’s climate scientists. While I retain a healthy scepticism, 97% is a pretty impressive number: I’ll go along with the experts till someone can show me that they are wrong.

        • Marnit,

          Are the 97% of scientists made up of 74 or 75 scientists ?

          Was the survey sent to 10,000 + scientists ?

          Did 3,000 +/- of the scientists reply to the survey ?

          What did the authors of the survey do with the other 2,900 +/- replies to the survey ?

          What reasons did the authors of the survey give for discarding 2,900 +/- replies to the survey ?

          And, why do you write hideous greentard bull$hit ?

    • Streetcred says:

      Alpaca in the back garden ? Tin-foil hat ? How much of my taxes are paying for your welfare ? Socialist sycophant !

      • I have an alpaca, therefore I’m a “socialist sycophant”?? How does that follow?

        • The Loaded Dog says:

          I notice you haven’t denied wearing a tinfoil hat. Do the “sky people” worry you marnit?

          And what’s the carbon footprint of an alpaca anyway? Or perhaps you capture its flatulance to “save the planet”?

        • The Loaded Dog says:


  21. gyptis444 says:

    On a more serious note, wearing my amateur astronomer’s hat, I would like to point out the following.
    There is a huge wastage of power in the form of street lighting in all the cities of the world. If governments were in any way concerned about CO2 emissions, street lighting would be drastically reduced to an absolute minimum consistent with safety. This would reduce costs and light pollution.

  22. Richard N says:

    Being a warmist means never having to say your’re wrong.

  23. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    Well, since Simon is on break…enjoy. And congratulations, DaveG.

  24. David Davidovics says:

    Good grief, not the nobel prize argument again….

    If ManBearPig won a nobel than it must be so!!!! (sarc)

    Communism? If people seek to impose change by demanding everyone else make sacrifices (mandatory altruism), then it meets the same test as a dictatorship – communist or otherwise.

    If you want wind and solar power so badly, then YOU can pay for with your own money and be happy while doing it – that is your right. It is not your right to impose that higher price on others who do not share your view.

    • Streetcred says:

      Well said ! Australia has jumped the shark into socialist oppression.

    • You need to do a course in political philosophy. Then you will understand how stupid your comment was.

      • David Davidovics says:

        Dicky, I notice you didn’t actually make any effort to deny what I said about expending other peoples’ freedoms in order to further an oppressive policy you agree with. Interesting.

        Still waiting for you to use the ‘precautionary principal’ straw man. Or maybe the “think of the children!!!”, or maybe some example of extreme weather – “if it happened while we were here, then it must be our fault!!”.

        Props for digging up “the debate is over” though. Been a while since I heard that one. Got anymore nostalgic one liners?

        • Interesting indeed.

          I never said the debate was over.

        • DD: interesting that you didn’t actually make any effort to try to answer my point about the Nobel Prize (above). You merely indulged in sarcasm instead. What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose as well.

        • Marmit. You are pedaling a logical fallacy. You can’t prove AGW doesn’t exist in the same way you can’t prove aliens don’t exist or that Julia Gillard will not be killed by a rampaging elephant. Lies are one thing (97% of scientists) but this is just nonsense

  25. Make fun of them as much as you want. Just remember, they are the ones in power and are directing public policy. You have no power (except on irrelevant internet sites) and have lost in this debate. Who is laughing now?

    • We were losing the debate with our Labor government in Queensland – but a funny thing happened on the 24th March 2012.
      Guess what that was???

    • Baldrick says:

      If this internet site is irrelevant because the debate is already lost, then why are you here Dicky P?

      • I’m here because I find losers amusing. Especially political losers.

        When you manage to win a federal election and then drop the carbon tax the smirk will disappear from my face. Until then I’ll be trolling sites like this one and LMAO.

        [REPLY – At least you know you’re a troll – Ed]

  26. Baldrick says:

    Take the ABC Climate Challenge Survey.

    “63% of Australians, who’ve taken this ‘climate challenge’ are Dismissive of global warming.”

    Any Labor politicians listening out there ?????

  27. I take it that all those who are using extra power during Earth Hour are able to easily afford it. Why all the moaning about the carbon tax?

    • Hey Dickey P (Amigo),

      Looks like you need a course in the reasonably easy task of reading and comprehension, just so as there is no disadvantage when you need to fill out those pesky CentreLink forms.

      A search of the comments this far reveals that the phrase “Carbon Tax” has only been cited twice and both times are attributed to you.

      • PAYG:
        The Moderator says: “Please refrain from abuse and/or ad hominem attacks”, and “it’s up to you to discuss any climate related issues here. Play nicely.” Implying that Dickey P is unemployed ain’t playing nicely.

    • Extra power? You mean leaving the lights on right?

      BTW, many power companies do not turn their power plants off for Earth Hour, its not cost effective to stop burning coal for an hour then turn it on again. So even though they are still manufacturing electricity during earth hour, fewer people are actually using it. So the same amount of CO2 is being emitted, its just that during Earth Hour its being emitted for nothing.

      Earth hour, should be renamed waste hour.

    • David Davidovics says:

      “I take it that all those who are using extra power during Earth Hour are able to easily afford it. ”

      In other words, anyone who has a dollar to spare can, and should have it taken away for a ‘greater good’ and have no right to protest.
      Sure sounds like a dictatorship.

      • Sounds like you either are a paranoid conspiracy theorist or another troll attempting to be funny by portraying a paranoid conspiracy theorist. If my first guess is correct then thats really funny (and worrying).

        Seriously, do you really believe our current government equivalent to Hitler? There would be many Jewish, Gypsy and homosexual people who find that offense and plain wrong.

        • Hey Amigo,

          You forgot “………..and hideously moronic greentard Trolls.

        • David Davidovics says:

          Goodwin’s law strikes again.

        • Dicky P – I seriously believe our prime minister (Bob Brown) is a Hitler wannabe – probably more on the lines of Pol Pot tho.
          And it wouldn’t be just Gypsies and Jews who would have to be afraid….

  28. I live in a wealthy neighbourhood and usually Earth Hour is a big deal every year. There are alot of lefty’s here, they eat tofu and drive Prius’s to show how they care for the planet (even though some own 4 Prius’s). But I noticed very few homes in my neighbourhood turned their lights for earth hour. Earth Hour was a failure here this year. Sign of the times.

  29. Confusious says:

    What the Brown Bobs and Gillhards of this New Socialist World Order fail to realise or are hiding from us ordinary plebs, is the fact that fluorescent material in these so called green energy saving globes, is radioactive! As most of these Brown illumination wonder works end up in garbage dumps, we can prepare ourselves for raise in ground water radioactivity and phosphor compounds contamination.
    Did also anyone notice how shorter and shorter the life span of these is becomming?!!! Built in obsolence, I suspect….

  30. Confusious says:

    Summary of oneof the Idiots behind the ABC Change your Climate Change Opinion!
    Typical example of Brown Bob’s GetUp! child………..
    Good to know your enemy…..

    Anna Rose
    Anna is co-founder and Chair of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and is a former Environment Minister’s joint Young Environmentalist of the Year. Her passion for social and environmental justice was sparked at the age of 14, when she set up recycling, composting and a school sport called “environmental campaigning” at her school in Newcastle. She became a climate change campaigner after her grandparent’s farm in North Western NSW was affected by the Drought, and Anna connected the dots to climate change.

    Previously, Anna worked with the National Union of Students working with students across 37 Universities to win clean energy victories. As she saw campus after campus reduce energy and enact ambitious climate change policies, her motto became, “those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those already doing it”.

    Anna co-authored the book ‘Future by Us’, is a former editor of Australia’s largest student paper, and holds a first class honours degree in Arts (Asian Studies) and Law. She has spent time studying and working in the United States, including trudging through snow for the Obama campaign in the New Hampshire Primary explaining to Americans that the policies of their Government actually affect other countries.

    Anna is a Fellow of the International Youth Foundation and was named one of Sydney’s 100 Most Influential People by the Sydney Morning Herald. She is the former climate campaigner at GetUp and is an associate of Sydney-based strategy and consultancy agency Make Believe, helping Australia’s major not-for-profits do good, better.

    In 2011 Anna completed a Churchill fellowship traveling to the United States, UK and China researching innovative climate change policies and youth-driven social movements. She also organised a sustainable wedding and co-starred in the documentary I Can Change Your Mind About Climate.

    Anna lives in Sydney with her husband Simon and the occasional foster cat

    • This person can hardly be called an idiot. She has an honours degree, have travelled, written a book, is one of Sydney’s most influence people apparently and been in some interesting leadership positions. A good set of achievements.

      • Mister T says:

        Dicky P – I think it’s amazing that you have never come across an educated idiot before – you mustn’t be allowed out very often…..

        And most of the people I have seen in “leadership” positions got there through conniving, plotting, scheming, back-stabbing – rarely through outright ability. Obviously you don’t have a job either……

        Hey and I’ve got an “honours degree” – and I have travelled too – west to Windorah, and overseas to Bribie Island.

        Bow down before my greatness, peasant.

  31. Lars P. says:

    Those globes are called “heat balls” over here in Europe

  32. I see that Doug Cotton has visited this thread as part of his spamming campaign that he has been running for several weeks now all over the blogospere promoting science (fiction?) publishing company Principia Scientific International (PSI) and his own blog article. As Watchman said sarcastically on Dr. Roy Spencer’s “Global Warming As Cargo Cult Science” thread ( “ .. Isn’t this “paper” in Principia Scientific? Are you suggesting this is a “peer reviewed” scientific journal? .. What a prestigious honor to be published there! .. ”.

    It also looks as though Doug may have been daft enough donate the latest $50 to the PSI begging bowl (

    On 26th Dec. 2010 Doug’s hero “dragon slayer”, PSI CEO and Legal Consultant John O’Sullivan made an appeal for $3000 to the 17-strong group of us involved in E-mail exchanges in which John was trying to persuade others to help him set up PSI as a Community Interest Company. His plan, outlined in his Chapter 21 of his cobbled together collection of blog articles “Slaying the Sky Dragon”, was to take legal action against some of the most powerful government agencies in the world, such as NOAA, using mandamus petitions. On 28th Dec. 2010 John claimed that “ .. beating the AGW fraud in the courts – its the only serious game in town .. ” (see etc.).

    That appeal (amounting to a trivial $180 each) failed miserably, with Hans Schreuder (PSI’s CFO) and Oliver Manual offering $500 each, Miso Alkalaj offering Euro100 and Tim Ball (Chairman) offering to make an undisclosed contribution. Other members of the group refrained from making any offer of a contribution, which says appears to sum up their confidence in John’s plans for PSI.

    That internal appeal having achieved little John’s next begging bowl came out on 17th January in front of a much wider group, via the gofundme site, where he claimed to need money for the purpose of “ .. supporting Principia Scientific International (PSI). Help us bring about change .. Give generously for this good cause knowing you can help to counter the creeping folly of misguided societies that appear to have been commandeered by political lobbyists and shills serving self-interested corporations or misguided national governments .. ” (

    Having failed miserably once again to attract much more than loose change into his begging bowl with that appeal despite that initial donation of $350 (from a member of John’s family in the USA!) the next bowl went out 12 months ago begging “ .. Help asked for Dr. Tim Ball in legal battle with Dr. Mann .. ” (

    In my opinion it would be prudent for anyone considering making donations to John’s appeals or getting involved with PSI to first read carefully the comments on Professor Curry’s “Letter to the dragon slayers” thread ( There are over 1300 to get through but if that is too much then those contributed by Andrew Skolnick, some of the “Slayers” and me are worth reading.

    John seems to have set a trend for begging for money for good causes relating to the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) hypothesis. We now have the “other side” begging for money for “The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund: Protecting the Scientific Endeavor” ( This one appears to have been initiated yesterday (4th April) by staunch CACC supporter Scott (Super)Mandia who begged “ .. Help the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) raise money to cover the costs of Dr. Mann’s legal defense as well as other scientists who face similar challenges .. ” (

    Eye-catching sales gimmicks seem to be a must for this kind of begging.
    John O’Sullivan had his offer of “ . If you contribute £60 (Sixty British Pounds) or more (approx. US$100) we will ensure you receive a copy of ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ plus a bonus book (two volume pack RRP: $38.98) .. ” – most science fiction books are far cheaper that than!
    Scott Mandia offers “ .. $25 .. t-shirts .. $150 .. three of the t-shirts and a copy of Climate Change: Picturing the Science .. $300 .. a hockey stick signed by Mike Mann.. $1000 .. 16×20 signed silver gelatin print by Joshua Wolfe .. ”.

    It seems that there is much more support for the CACC supporters’ begging bowl than there is for John’s. He only managed to raise £450 14 months in his PSI bowl, despite that initial £350 boost in the first hour. That recent additional £50 (from Doug?) hasn’t inspired anyone else to throw any spare change into the bowl. On the other hand it is claimed that for Scott’s bowl “ .. The outpouring of support was overwhelming. In less than 24 hours, Scott received $10,000 in small donations from scientists, students, and other concerned individuals .. ” (

    Here’s a link especially for Doug Cotton

    Best regards, Pete Ridley

    Pete Ridley says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 1, 2012 at 3:51 AM

    Douglas Jeffrey Cotton’s arrogance is beyond belief. On the thread that Roger Tattersall dedicated to his nonsense ( he has had detailed explanations from contributors of the flaws in his understanding (based upon Professor Claes Johnson’s simplistic model), particularly from individuals using the false names Tor and br1. Despite their efforts, on this A p r i l F o o l’s day Doug declares “ .. Every relevant equation in “standard physics” is based on a false assumption .. don’t tell me yet again that I need to read physics textbooks. I have been helping university students learn their physics ever since I majored in it .. I know what the books say, but such is in error because the early scientists were mistaken .. they were obviously wrong .. You cannot argue successfully against this point, but it is not in textbooks yet.
    .. So please don’t respond yet again with “standard physics” which is the very thing I am refuting .. ”.

    ( and #comment-21733 #comment-21734)

    Although he has been trying very hard recently to prove otherwise, Doug is not a complete idiot. He does at least now “ .. acknowledge that the radiation from the cooler body does slow the radiative component of cooling of the warmer target .. ”. Hallelujah, he accepts that the “greenhouse effect” is real. Now all that he needs to acknowledge is that with that constant source of energy coming from the Sun there has to be a compensating increase in the temperature of the Earth until balance is restored – ignoring the many other processes that also contribute to the distribution of energy within the global system of atmo/aqua/cryo/litho/bio/spheres.

    Finding that he was taking a pounding over his blog article posted on the blog of the virtually unknown science-fiction publisher Principia Scientific International started by John O’Sullivan and his “Slayers” it seems that Doug has had to call up reinforcements – Professor Claes Johnson has come to his aid ( Strange that he chose to enter the fray there on A p r i l F o o ls’ Day. Maybe he’s getting worried that Doug will be awarded that Nobel Prize for Physics instead of himself.

    It should be interesting following the responses to his comment.

    Back in October Professor Johnson declared “ .. I am not a member of any group subject to group thinking, in particular not the slayers group .. ” ( but I wonder if he has rejoined the “Slayers” gaggle as a member of PSI.

    Best regards,
    Pete Ridley

    • I am aware of Doug Cotton’s campaign, and whilst I initially extended some latitude, more recently several comments repeating the same material have been moderated out.

  33. To the moderator.

    I’m puzzled as to why my submission of April 1, 2012 at 3:51 AM remains “awaiting moderation”.
    Please would you let me know what the problem is.

    Best regards, Pete Ridley

    [REPLY – the text of it was annexed to your comment dated 7/4/12 [here], and published there, but I cannot find the original submission anywhere in my comments queue]

  34. Multifaceted businessman but novice physicist Doug Cotton ( Para. 3) has chosen to climb into bed with John O’Sullivan’s “Slayers” and has become a member of their science(fiction?) publishing company Principia Scientific International. They would appear to be the perfect bed-fellows for Dougy and it appears that he has recently made a £50 donation to John’s begging bowl (

    On 13th March I did suggest to Dougy that he carefully read the comments about the “Slayers” on Professor Judith Curry’s “Letter to the dragon slayers” thread ( Para. 4) true to form he chose to ignre what was said. For anyone else considering responding to John’s plea to “ .. Give generously for this good cause.. ”, whether by donation or by buying membership of PSI or wasting their hard-earned money on any of the books that they have published, please read those comments carefully. There are over 1300 comments but the most relevant ones are by Andrew Skolnick, several of the “Slayers” and me, perhaps starting at

    Best regards, Pete Ridley

  35. Geez Simon,

    There’s nothing sad about it, ole’ mate is about as popular as a [snip] in a swimming pool.

  36. A little bit off topic, but I just wanted to share this news.

    Secret negotiations are currently in progress between the Gillard gov and power station companies to close down Hazelwood, Energy Brix, Yallourn, Playford and Collinsville power stations.Negotiations are supposed to be complete by June 30 this year.

    Source – The Climate Spectator.

    No wonder Bob Brown was in a hurry to get out!


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