Craig Emerson dances on the grave of the Australian economy

Singing a requiem for Labor

If you haven’t seen this video, please be prepared with a sick bag – and don’t have any sharp objects around with which you may wish to inflict harm on your computer.

Craig Emerson comes to an interview with the ABC prepared with a pre-recorded soundtrack to participate in one of the most embarrassing interviews I have ever seen –  not just from this Labor rabble, but in my life.

On the day after the pointless and damaging carbon tax was introduced, and Gillard suggested those who questioned it were simply foolish, we have this:


Words. Fail. Me.

All I can struggle to manage is, keep it up, Craigie boy. You have just torpedoed another massive hole in your sinking government.


  1. David W. P. Sainty via Facebook says:

    Yes, it adds a new dimension to “Madness”. Maybe the new taxation on breathing / life can now be used to fund more mental health programs???

  2. Luke Holman via Facebook says:

    Mental health assessment stat!

  3. What an idiot, former Skyhooks members should sue

  4. Font page on his CV for job search post 2013 … what a loser!

  5. And they could have got Garret to sing … another example of poor judgement from Gillard. Fail.

  6. Old Ranga says:

    Great move, Craig. Many thanks. Right up there with Gillard’s appointment of Tim Flannery as Climate Commissioner.

  7. Oh Dear Lord! Have they legalised Cannabis in Canberra?

  8. you have got to be f[snip]ing kidding.

  9. Lojac Corry via Facebook says:

    what a [snip] joke this bloke is

  10. Futureproof says:

    I have observed the weirdness of Craig Emerson over the years. Everytime I hear hims speak, I can only think of the adage, “It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Seriously, he just another reminder of the kinds of morons in this government. When you have the collective small business experience of a Kool Aid stand at the local flea markets, you can only deduce that these cretons could not run a chook raffle.

    I just shake my head and wonder what the rest of the world think when they see ‘tards like this fool.

  11. yes, was hard to watch.

  12. What a “GOAT”!!

  13. disgrace!!! Sums up Labour really!

  14. Anthony Yard via Facebook says:


  15. Sean McHugh says:

    Even worse, he has a day job!

  16. Mike Jay via Facebook says:

    @rob cannabis has been decriminalised in ACT for over 10yrs – of course it’s legal there! Political elite scum

  17. “Shucking me right out of my brain”?–

    How would he notice?

    I’m not seeing any signs of meaningful interaction.

  18. Do what I did – send an email to his Parliamentary address and express your opinion on his behaviour.

  19. [snip]head…..

  20. David W. P. Sainty via Facebook says: – vote in today’s poll if you haven’t already. 🙂

  21. Fantastic election ammunition for the LNP GOLD GOLD GOLD.

  22. As if the rest of the world wasn’t already laughing hard enough at us.

  23. This obviously rehearsed and stupid performance clearly shows he has no mini-streer- real capability whatsoever. Shorty in Deliverance would shame him by a mile, or two; four or more.

    I just cannot fathom how anyone of those ‘30%ers’ in all those polls can really vote for fools like ‘Emmo’ and his former lover (you-know-who), and that Con-Roy-Of-N0-Consequence and All-Below-The-Knees; etc, etc, ………………………

  24. Maz Rogers via Facebook says:

    I am speechless. totally bizarre behaviour from a person meant to represent the people…

  25. Vivienne says:

    We will all be singing on the grave of Labor at the next election, hopefully that will be sooner than expected.

  26. Simon Colwell says:

    Emerson is an irrefutable turd.

  27. Richard N says:

    Don”t be surprised if a few more go around the bend, including Juliar especially if she has to keep explaining time and time again why she lied before the last election.

  28. Betty Whiffin says:

    Can’t stand that stupid false grin of Emerson. Always thought of him as an idiot, certainy confirmed at this show of insanity. Businesses are very oncerned about the effect of the carbon tax, perhaps Gillard will bribe them as she has done with Whyalla, adding more to Australia”s borrowings. Tax and compensate. Tax and compenssate. The cost of operating the tax must be horrendous for no benefit whatsoever.

  29. Steve Giffo via Facebook says:

    What a moron. he will need to improve he he wants to sing for a living after the next election.

  30. Wow,with a dork like that you beat us hands down.Our govt are real stupid too,I thought we were the worst,but he takes the cake.That is nearly as bad as our helen clark doing the dance of the seven veils.To all my Ozzy mates over there,keep the pressure up.Love your country,and people.

  31. rumour has it he went out with Gillard before Tiny Tim!

  32. I think they have all taken leave of their senses! Wayne Swan (now the world’s greatest shopper?) waving Weetbix in the air and fiddling the dockets he tweeted by purchasing less oranges and therefore the bill was less! Then Emerson ‘showing’ a bunch of gobsmacked onlookers, look the sky hasn’t fallen in’ lets all cheer and clap’. So poor was the first response, he and that other oaf of a minister, Gary Grey, did a repeat performance! Just when you thought Emerson had won the Oscar for the world’s dumbest Dingbat, he does an encore and brings out taped Karaoke music and attempts to murder a Skyhooks song outside Parliament House. This man represents us as our Trade Minister, no wonder they gave the Indonesians four Hercules aircraft as a ‘gift’, it was hush money! Pathetic is the only way to describe this Government without swearing!

  33. I don’t believe it. You can do all sorts of amazing things with video editing software these days … but I’d love to know what program the author of this fantastic piece used.

  34. Vivienne Skeen via Facebook says:

    We will all be dancing on the grave of Labor after the next election

  35. Andrew Kozak via Facebook says:

    It’s no rumor, Jezza. They have a bit of history. Did you ever see an attempt at ridiculing someone backfire so badly?

  36. Nightmare.

  37. The Loaded Dog says:

    They’re making a movie about his life as we speak.

    “Dances with Fools”

  38. I tried something a little different with my latest outrage email. See if you can spot my attempt to get past the Mail-Screener Minions…

    “Subject: Something to Embarrass Your Enemies With

    Yes, I’m referring to your display outside parliament, moreso than even your support for the Carbon Tax, the related contribution to the continuing economic and social mismanagement of this country, and the ongoing support you give to the worst Prime Minister this country has seen, well within my lifetime at the very least.

    No doubt my pleas for you to resign your position as a member of parliament, to allow the people of this country a fair opportunity to decide their fate, will go totally unheeded. At the very least, perhaps you could just step down from the Trade Ministry, so that this once great nation doesn’t have to be further embarrassed by you in the future.

    PS. To the minion that actually has to read these to protect the fragile egos of our nation’s elected officials, I’m sure you’re getting inundated with emails like this one. This really isn’t directed at you, and I sincerely hope that you have a nice day, and can one day land a boss that you can be proud of.”

  39. Paulica Calmanovici via Facebook says:

    LABOR ? NEVER AGAIN….Kaput ( Finished ) in my town & zone …LMAO

  40. Do you realize that you are talking about Juliar’s old boyfriend. Maybe that sums all things up for us !!!

  41. Speechless…..what a performance from a minister of the crown. Seriously can they do anything more to trash peoples opinions of politicians. It was bad enough prior to 2007, now it is much, much worse. No wonder why talented people don’t want to go into politics.
    I have to laugh when they keep claiming that the sky isn’t going to fall, isn’t that the whole position of people who believe the global warming myth. Pot, kettle, black……amazing.

  42. what a peanut

  43. BrownOut says:

    A real WTF moment !
    And a certain starter for the Libs election campaign ads. Worse still, it looks like the ABC helped put him up to this. Or is that set him up ?

  44. good Lord, where did y’all find that goober? i thought we had it bad here in the US with Jerry Moonbeam Brown and Ear Leader off in Washington, but this chucklehead makes them look almost sane.

    and the math makes me wonder a bit too: if it’s 70 cents per $100 of weekly expenses, with an average total impact of $9.90/week, the average weekly expenses per household are $14oo/week, rounded.

    either everyone in Oz in rich, your cost of living is ridiculous, or this paint chip eating idiot doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s going on about.

    i’d ask where the extra $1.20 in benefits he’s promising are coming from, but likely it’s the same place our free Obamacare is coming from here.

    good luck with your next election and wish us the same!

  45. Confusious says:

    In the interest of our “Denialist Community” here are some links to lift your spirits!

    I had yesterday night bit of look on the web and Emerson story gone absolutely viral!

    YouTube on Emerson:

    YouTube On Gillard Ltd:

  46. this [snip] is a definite moron .

  47. Rob Chant via Facebook says:

    it says everythhing about the labor faction and the stinking greens….completely useless and all imbeciles !!!!

  48. Is it just me, or has Socialist labor done everything possible to get “One World” Tony Abbott elected?

    Luisa – are you reading this?

  49. agwnonsense says:

    obviously brain death is not fatal

  50. Jim Boswell says:

    It is hard to believe that Australian’s [sic] can be taken in by the rubbish and lies pushed on this website. Go back to the US with your Tea Party bigotry and garbage.

    [REPLY – maybe next time you visit, if there is a next time (which I somehow doubt), you could try arguing some points cogently rather than simply hurling abuse, but I expect that’s too much to ask…]

    • gyptis444 says:

      What’s even more difficult to understand is how 30% of the Australian electorate support these morons!

      • Frances says:

        I think we have the Education Dept. to thank for that, Left-wing Teachers have been ‘brainwashing’ kids at schools with propaganda for at least the last 20 years. It is probably one of the reasons why so many of our youth today, feel so disconnected from their families and society, why they are so vulnerable to drugs. It is time to take back the schools from the Unionists.

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