Gillard, Labor, CO2 tax: all likely gone in six months

Why are you all smiling, you bunch of utter incompetents? You should be hanging your heads in abject shame.

Why are you all smiling, you bunch of utter incompetents? You should be hanging your heads in abject shame.

The Labor ‘government’ of Julia Gillard (in quotes because it isn’t really a government any more, it’s just a rabble) is in terminal decline after last week’s chaotic leadership non-contest. Newspoll puts Labor at 42% and the Coalition on 58% in the two party preferred, meaning Labor would be annihilated.

Half of her most experienced ministers have either resigned or been sacked, leaving the PM scraping the bottom of the cockatoo cage to fill the Cabinet. Craig Emerson [shudder] has been appointed minister for just about everything, including the kitchen sink, and the other spaces have been filled by political nobodies.

So one thing we can be sure of is that the ‘government’ of this country will be even worse than it was before (if that is physically possible).

The Australian reports:

JULIA Gillard’s personal standing has crashed to a 19-month low and Tony Abbott is clearly back in front as the nation’s preferred prime minister after Labor’s “appalling” two weeks of political and policy failure.

Labor’s primary vote has slumped five points to a disastrous 30 per cent after a fortnight ending with an aborted leadership spill and mass cabinet resignations, with one in two voters now siding with the Coalition.

The collapse in the Labor vote has completely wiped out the party’s recovery in the second half of last year, which was built on the back of the carbon tax compensation, and has entrenched the prospect of a landslide vote against the ALP in the election scheduled for September 14. After taking into account preference flows, federal Labor’s support is eight percentage points below its level at the 2010 election, at 42 per cent – a swing that if replicated in September would remove about 30 Labor MPs and could even put Kevin Rudd’s Queensland seat of Griffith at risk.

The Prime Minister said yesterday she was appalled at Labor’s “self-indulgence” during last week’s leadership bid, which was brought on after the party’s proposed media laws collapsed. She declared she wanted to show “self-belief” and that Labor’s “eyes” would be on the “Australian people”. But the latest Newspoll survey, taken exclusively for The Australian on the weekend, shows voter satisfaction with Ms Gillard down six percentage points to 26 per cent in the past two weeks.

Dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister rose eight points to 65 per cent, her worst personal ratings since September 2011 when she hit a record low satisfaction level of 23 per cent. There is now more than twice the number of voters dissatisfied with the way Ms Gillard is doing her job as Prime Minister than satisfied after a steady 12-point fall in satisfaction since January and a sharper rise of 16 points in dissatisfaction during the same period.

On the question of who would make the better prime minister, Ms Gillard’s support dropped seven percentage points to 35 per cent, its lowest since October 2011, while Mr Abbott’s support jumped five points to 43 per cent, his highest since September 2011.

Which means, of course, that when the election comes, the disastrous policies of this bunch of losers can be reversed and Australia may, MAY I add, be able to climb out of this enormous hole it’s in.

And we will almost certainly wave goodbye to the mining tax and the carbon tax. All we need is for the independents to do what they should have done months ago and put this government down.


  1. richarda4 says:

    At least the B gradew team has a climate sceptic in their midst as New Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism and Minister for Small Business, Gary Gray has well known associations with climate change denial, once calling CC “pop science”.

    • However, when interviewed on Steve Price show with Andrew Bolt, he recanted and weaseled back into the party line…..warmist to the hilt. He is also now exposed as a liar and a fraud.

  2. 6 months will definitely be too late – if it isn’t already. There will simply be too many “poisoned wells” I’m afraid.

    The only thing left is to punish these bastards severely – simply voting them out is no where near enough.

  3. Be wary people..

    The only way Gillard can stay in power is with a suspension of demcracy.

    Ask yourself if she is capable of trying that.

    and @ richard.. Gary is no longer a skeptic, his mummy won’t let him be.

  4. Baldrick says:

    Gillard, Labor, CO2 tax: all likely gone in six months …
    In the words of the latest illegal boat arrivals, numbering well over 2,000 so far this year … Insha’Allah!

  5. Gillard would love to suspend democracy, however she’d need riots on the streets and the Australian puplic are too smart for that with the election so close.

    She may, of course, try any other excuse – such as it snowing, or raining. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    I do wish the so-called “Independents” would grow a backbone. There isn’t a hope for them if they go down with the ship, but one might come out a hero (of the fifteen minutes of fame kind) if they trip this monstrosity up and booted it out the door!

  6. The Loaded Dog says:

    September can’t come soon enough. Jyooles, may I suggest you give Anna Bligh a snappy phone call for some pointers and support. Electoral annihilation can be very stressful and embarrassing.

  7. Old Ranga from Victoria says:

    The Victorian coppers aren’t far away, according to Michael Smith News. Steadily doing their Mills of God work, getting their facts sorted for the forthcoming court dissection of “I have done nothing wrong”.

    The fall of Saddam Hussein’s statue will feature in cartoons everywhere. Champagne, anyone?

  8. aussie_girl says:

    NSW 2011 State Election
    * Premier Kristina Keneally got her butt handed to her.
    * LNP won 69 seats against ALP’s 20 seats.

    QLD 2012 State Election
    * Premier Anna Bligh got her butt handed to her.
    * LNP won 78 seats against ALP’s 7 seats.

    Federal Election 2013
    * PM Julia Gillard… =>
    * Channel 9 News had a projection of LNP winning ~103 seats.

    Is it me, or politically Left leaning, progressive women of the ALP are ill-suited in leadership positions?

    (I hear ALP has a 30% gender quota…Where as LNP doesn’t have one and still manage ~25% women in their ranks.)

  9. Can’t wait for the big day, 14 September 2013 … CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY!

  10. Leo Morgan says:

    GaryM53 is right. The damage that can still be done by this lame-duck government is incalculable.
    A week is a long time in politics. Now is not the time to count our winnings, now is the time to double down our efforts. Persuade our politicians to avoid buying into the mistakes of the left, and work to increase the strength of the popular sentiment against this pack of dishonest, ignorant, unrepresentative, power-grabbing political whores and their anti-Australia agenda.
    Encourage Independents they should not just see the betrayals they have suffered, but they should bring this lot to the verdict of the Australian people immediately.

  11. As A Canadian I share Australia’s pain namely Juliar and her repressive gang of ALP/green thugs. Having lived in many parts of the world I have found that socialist and Eco nuts (greens) are the same the world over, they are poison to the well of liberty and economic health.

    One Question for Simon or any regulars here. Will the repressive media control act be repealed by the next government?

  12. clive hoskin says:

    Big Government wants more of your taxes. Big Business wants more of your income. Big Green wants you and your children to bow down to its agenda of enforced austerity.

    What about saving the planet, you ask? This was never about saving the planet. This is about money and power. Your money. Their power.

    If it was about saving the planet, “cap-and-trade” (a.k.a. cap-and-tax) — how Big Government, Big Business and Big Green ludicrously pretend we will “fight” global warming and “save the planet” — would have been consigned to the dust bin of history because it doesn’t work. We know it doesn’t work because Europe’s five-year-old cap-and-trade market — the Emissions Trading Scheme — has done nothing to make the world cooler.

    All it’s done is make hedge fund managers, speculators and Big Energy giddy with windfall profits, while making everyone else poorer by driving up the cost of energy, and thus of most goods and services, which need energy to be lighted, heated, cooled, grown, constructed, manufactured, produced and transported.

  13. Olaf Koenders says:

    14 September 2013 – Whacking Day!!

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