Abbott on the verge

Out in the gutter with all the other trash…

Out in the gutter with all the other trash…

The Coalition, led by Tony Abbott, is on the verge of regaining power after the worst six years of government in Australia’s Federal history.

The Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-again experiment proved to be the most untrustworthy, incompetent and arrogant administration one could conceivably imagine. Broken promises, failed policies, epic waste, smear, lies and corruption lay strewn in its wake. Labor’s shabby deal with the Greens in 2010 was bought with a promise of urgent action on climate change, which gave Australia the most pointless emissions tax on the planet.

Producing barely 1.5% of global emissions, Australia has always been a bit-part in the fairytale theatrics of global climate action, and Labor’s tax was supposed to reduce that tiny figure by a paltry 5%, all at a cost of billions of dollars to the Australian economy. And what effect would it have on the climate? Nothing. Well, as close to nothing as one could get, something like a twenty-thousandth of a degree Celsius.

But that didn’t matter, because the Greens are ideologically blind to harsh decisions and realities, putting their fluffy, feel-good pet causes above the quality of life of ordinary Australians. Labor tied itself to this party of nut-jobs and extremists, and with luck, by the end of today, they will have paid the ultimate price for having done so.

I look forward to seeing the end of the carbon [dioxide] tax, the ETS, the abolition of the Climate Commission and with it, the disappearance of Tim Flannery, Will Steffen, and all the other climate rent-seekers suckling on the public teat for the past six years.

But no matter how much you may agree or disagree with Labor’s policies, it has been the style of government that has shamed Labor most. Their currency has been utter incompetence, personal smear and abuse. Gillard’s misogyny rant went viral – surprise, surprise, given what a hot-bed of Lefties social media has become – and Abbott was portrayed as an unreconstructed bully and a thug. The approach failed miserably, as people have realised that it is not Abbott but Kevin Rudd that has the sociopathic tendencies.

Also, the Left’s ever-present totalitarian instincts, always bubbling away just under the surface, were almost given free rein when the truly frightening Finkelstein report was released, which advocated a government-appointed watchdog to “regulate” news media (i.e. muzzle any criticism of the government and shackle the Murdoch “hate media”). Whither free speech in our so-called democracy? Thankfully, it never made it, but boy, was it close.

Their standards in public life have also been reprehensible, with the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper affairs sullying the reputation of the Australian parliament. The recent ICAC investigations have demonstrated the level of corruption and back-scratching that went on within New South Wales Labor when it was in power. Cannot imagine that Federal Labor is much different.

If all the polls are even vaguely correct, the delinquent adolescents who have been playing at running our country for the last six years will be punished severely, and the adults will once again form the government of Australia.


  1. yes to that

    • Local polling booth and one guy from greens handing out flyers and a bit further down the line three guys calling themselves the youths for action on climate change handing out more details on how to vote for the greens. Seems the greens will do anything to hood wink the apathetic voters of Australia. Go the Liberals we need you back to clean out the free loaders.

  2. Truly hope Mr. Abbott succeeds! Now the rest of the world needs to stop the green, dangerous, bankrupting nonsense.

  3. Charles Johnson says:

    Hear, Hear

  4. Ex- Prime Minister Julia Gillard was expected to only get 49 seats in the polling before she was unceremoniously dumped by Labor in favour of a recycled Kevin Rudd.
    It’ll be interesting to see how that experiment has work considering Rudd is also only expected to hold onto about 48-52 seats. So much Labor pains … so very little Labor gains.

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    Will Australians lead the way for the world in giving climate-change embracing governments the boot? We’re all watching with bated breath.

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    Aussies about to oust the windweasels!!!


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