How the Coalition can still win the General Election

Still up for grabs

This election is still up for grabs, despite what the polls say. The Australian people don’t trust Bill Shorten, the memories of Rudd-Gillard-Rudd are still fresh in their minds, and they are very suspicious of Labor’s ties to violent, militant unions like the CFMEU and extreme fringe-dwellers like the Greens.

They are also hurting in their wallets thanks to crazy green energy schemes which look like rainbows and unicorns but actually cost ordinary people their standard of living thanks to astronomical electricity prices.

So here are some ways in which the Coalition can still deny Labor a victory in May 2019:

  • Hit Labor’s legendary economic incompetence hard – push the no-surplus-since-1989 line for all it is worth. Labor couldn’t manage a candy store let alone an economy, and people need to be reminded of this. Labor means higher taxes, more government waste, higher unemployment, lower growth and more debt – it always has and it always will – it’s that simple.
  • Hit Labor’s consistent weakness on borders equally hard – they lie about maintaining strong borders but it’s just that – a lie. Just look at Kevin 07 to see where that ended up last time. The boats will be back on the water before the votes are all counted, and more innocent victims will die at sea. Left-leaning parties the world over are unanimous in their desire to let in as many third-world migrants as possible into Western democracies because they know they will unwaveringly shore up their vote – yes, it really is that blatant. Power is all that matters to the Left.
  • Hit Labor’s delusional climate obsession just as hard – pandering to their Greenie mates, Labor is obsessed with tackling climate change and “saving the Barrier Reef”, despite the fact that any cuts Australia makes to emissions will be swamped by China’s new coal fired power stations in no time at all. All pain and no gain. What’s hilarious is that they are dumb enough to believe that reducing emissions in Australia will somehow make the climate better in Australia – which is patently false since mitigation is averaged over the entire planet and anything Australia does is immediately cancelled out by China and India.
  • Attack Labor’s ridiculous electric vehicle policy, which is laughably ignorant and will essentially cripple the Australian economy. Plus the fact that Bill thinks they can be charged in under ten minutes – twit.
  • Commit to build new high efficiency low emission coal fired power stations across Australia, to guarantee baseload power supplies and keep prices affordable. This would be a huge vote winner for the Coalition, and if they don’t announce this, they shouldn’t even be in government.
  • Lift the ban on nuclear generation. Australia has the largest reserves of uranium in the world, and the largest expanse of Outback in which to store it safely. To prohibit nuclear power generation in this country is criminal.

Let’s see how many of these they actually do. I’m not holding my breath.


  1. David Turner. says:

    Only if they stop being LABORLITE and start to fight for conservative Australians. Get out of Paris build some coal fired power stations

  2. Bruce Leitch says:

    Welcome back.

  3. Nigel McDougall says:

    The big outback referred to in the article is not just a safe repository for nuclear waste – it is also a huge source of Thorium. Power generation from this element is safe because in the event of the external power source being interrupted, (think Fukushima), the reaction simply stops. No problem with the plant becoming overheated. The reaction takes place in a molten salt. When the external power is cut off the salt solidifies and the reaction stops. Power generation from Thorium was always considered cost ineffective compared to Uranium, but it must be hundreds of times more cost effective than power generation from wind and solar. Also Thorium reactors produce less nuclear waste, and waste which has shorter half life, compared to Uranium reactors. I know we can’t mine Stradbroke Island, but there are plenty of other sources on our continent.

  4. Graham Richards says:

    To ensure an election win:-
    1). Rip that Paris Accord to bits, publicly. While it exists Morrison will not be trusted.
    2). Publicly denounce that UN accord on immigration & refugees. Morrison will not be trusted until that evil attempt by the UN to hi-jack our immigration process is definitely consigned to the garbage bin of history along with Paris Accord.
    3). We need a concrete commitment to at least 2 HELE power generation plants.Not some wish washy hint about having a meeting to discuss whether it should be discussed at all!!
    4). A commitment to re-assessing Nuclear power.
    5). Commitment to infrastructure, specifically water storage in agricultural regions.

    The electorate is wary of & sick of empty election promises that never ever materialise.
    The electorate is sick of
    The conservatives must have a party that lives up to all it professes be. Without respect of the electorate the coalition cannot expect to be treated with confidence or respect.
    They have lost their way & the only way back is thru honesty & respect.
    The electorate is sick of the UN inspired PC & the indoctrination of our young students.


    If the coalition lose they have only the weak party leadership to blame! When I see some move toward the above I’ll consider voting, if at all.

    • Aert Driessen says:

      Spot on. Have you ever considered going into politics?

    • Kevin Burke says:

      Yes Bang-on…but the LNP are Spineless, they are the weakest pussy’s I have ever encountered it Politics in my 45yrs of voting …they are a disgrace

  5. I am hoping for a hung parliament.

  6. John Collins says:

    It is time to kick the left wing and homosexual Greens the hell out of Australian Politics. God help us we still have the homosexual Penny wong preaching from her soapbox the homosexuality should be compulsory the same with all homosexual politicians we now have this moronic Keren Phelps, a long time practicing homosexual. That all want children and yet deny the way we procreate, WHY?. Why do they all want children homosexual males want boy children and females like Wong want girl babies, WHY?, send all homosexuals politicians on a one-way ticket to Iran. Who cares about them that live in suburbia, so long as they don’t preach homosexuality to our children. STOP the spiky-haired titless hermaphrodytes that prey on our children in our education system teaching boys to be girls and vice-versa.

    Australia must also kick the UN the hell out of our politics. We do not want to be populated by useless 3rd world low I.q. morons of the Islamic faith, particularly African blacks. Have a look at how good every Muslim country is going in the middle east. Paradise right, pigs arse. They fight and brawl with each other over some fake god then unite and fight the countries that accept the useless bastards to import their vile evil religion and protest in the streets of Australia and everywhere else that has been stupid enough to let them in. All so that they can carry on their evil rotten religion” preachings to kill all infidels. An infidel is anyone who does not agree with their vile religion and Sharia Law. For Christ sake, Australia, wake the hell up before were flooded with useless blacks and Arabs.

  7. Luigi Soprani says:

    What we are seeing today is not only the demonization of coal and oil, but a determined attempt to destroy our society, our culture and our ways of life by small groups of very vocal and misinformed minorities that are trying to impose their misguided views upon the rest of us. This what I call “green socialism”. How can we feed growing populations, many of them already hungry, without large farm equipment? How can we propel large container ships without huge engines? How can we fly a jumbo jet operated by solar batteries?
    The sad part of all this nonsense is that, not only more people, but also more and more politicians are getting brainwashed by this flood of green socialism that wants to destroy our planet under the false pretense of saving it. Too often we elect politicians that we believe are educated and supposedly intelligent people, only to find out later that they are half educated idiots.

  8. Welcome back
    If the gutless coalition had a brain..they would stick to policies that appeal to their power base.Instead they aim for something that looks like labour lite.which forces people to independents and fringe parties..well done..Do their policy experts not have an internet connection ?? their policy experts not talk to their voters ???
    They are scared of being called mean names ..
    The flip side matter what policies they support..if re-elected..will never get them through the senate …which only allows crazy climate/energy/immigration policies through..

  9. So why is there absolutely nothing happening on the last two points?!!!

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