Earth Hour Open Thread

Not a CFL or LED in sight

UPDATE: ACM will be taking a break for a while. Comments on this thread will continue to be posted.

In honour of the pointless environmental token known as Earth Hour, I’m spending my weekend at ACM Towers (see right) replacing all the hopeless CFLs with evil tungsten filament bulbs (or “globes” as they are bizarrely called here in Aus). So it’s up to you to discuss any climate related issues here. Play nicely.

Don’t forget, celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead…

Open Thread

I’m going to take a few days break from blogging to recharge the batteries.

Discuss any current climate issues here. Play nicely!

NOTE: Please can I ask Facebook users to comment on the blog rather than on the Facebook page? Comments on the FB page will be removed to avoid duplication.


New – Open Thread

OK, first time for ACM, an Open Thread, while posting is light.

Discuss any current climate issues here.

Play nicely, as the saying goes. Comments will be moderated as usual.

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