AFL = All For Labor

Wong-bot runs the "play footy" app

We reported back in March how the AFL wanted to get involved in climate change campaigning. Well now we discover (thanks to Andrew Bolt) that the AFL and its moonbat boss Andrew Demetriou, are the latest to embrace politically correct environmentalism by spruiking Labor’s climate change policies through a Green Clubs program, which also includes targeting children with climate propaganda:

THE AUSTRALIAN Football League has this week launched a new online training module called Green Clubs for community football clubs and the broader Australian football industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing Australian football is the impact of climate change on community football grounds. [Like what, exactly?  It’s not as if clubs are being forced to save electricity by abandoning massive floodlights for night matches…]

Green Clubs aims to educate clubs about ways they can reduce their impact on the environment, while ensuring the sustainability of sporting grounds.  The module includes strategies for saving water, reducing energy use and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The Green Clubs module is one component of a partnership established last year with the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

In addition to the introduction of the module, an interactive climate change awareness program for families and children involved in junior football programs has also been developed.

Speaking at the Carlton Football Club today, the Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water, Senator Penny Wong, [who she?] commended the AFL and Carlton Football Club for helping to raise awareness of climate change amongst football clubs and their fans.

“We know Australians want to do their fair share in tackling climate change [don’t include me in that, by the way], and now the AFL is helping Australians to do that while they are at the football,” Senator Wong said.

Funny – because I thought that sport was something for all of us, a rare place where politics doesn’t intrude. Not any more it appears. I don’t know how many Coalition voters watch AFL, but I sincerely hope it will drop pretty dramatically after this.

AFL = All For Labor.

Read it here.

Rudd government still wasting money on climate change

Now wash your hands (of responsibility)

Despite the ditching of the ETS, the Rudd government is still spending truckloads of money on the empty shell of its climate change policy. As The Daily Telegraph reported last week, a bloated government department is still being run for the purpose of administering a non-existent CPRS:

TAXPAYERS will fork out $90 million a year to keep more than 400 public servants employed within the federal Climate Change Department – despite most now having nothing to do until 2013.

More than 60 of them are classified as senior executive staff on salaries between $168,000 and $298,000 a year. Their salary bill alone will cost an estimated $12 million every year.

A further $8 million will also be paid in rent for plush offices at Canberra’s Constitution Place until 2012, where it is believed 500 new computers will be delivered this week.

It can be revealed that despite Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s decision on Tuesday to suspend the failed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme until at least 2013, the department has ruled out plans to cut back staff.

A formal response by department secretary Martin Parkinson to a Senate estimates hearing on Tuesday – the same day as the scheme’s suspension – claimed the department would not offer redundancies. (source)

Not only that, but thousands of (your taxpayer) dollars are still being wasted on pointless “climate change” reports, like this one reported on the ABC this morning:

A new report has found the health of Indigenous Australians living in coastal areas such as the Torres Strait could be at risk due to climate change.

The report commissioned by the Federal Government found climate change will elevate existing health risks for Indigenous people and create a whole new set of health problems.

They include respiratory illness and increasing incidence of heat stress and dehydration.

The loss of livelihoods and population displacement will also have a serious impact on the health and nutrition of those living in remote island communities.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong [who she? – Ed] delivered the report while touring the Torres Strait. (source)

Now aren’t you glad that your hard earned money is being spent so wisely?

Garrett demoted, but not sacked

Kevin Rudd has barely acknowledged his environment minister’s total and utter incompetence by stripping him of responsibility for energy efficiency. But he still has a job, despite 4 deaths, numerous house fires and potentially thousands more homes with live roofs that will all need to be inspected.

The dubious pleasure of administering “energy efficiency” goes to Wongbot Version 3.5 – oh joy. Insert a fresh memory card. And the hospital pass, namely clearing up Garrett’s insulation cock-up, goes to Gullible Mug-in-Chief, Greg Combet (couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke). Good luck with that, pal.

Read it here.

Dennis Shanahan thinks it makes Rudd’s position worse. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

Abbott: ‘Rudd can’t even sack a minister properly!’

ETS bill "delayed until May"

So “the greatest moral challenge since the start of the universe” (© KRudd) suddenly isn’t so urgent after all. But hang on… just a couple of months ago, it was essential we passed the ETS before Copenhagen, wasn’t it? Or is it because Rudd has no principles whatsoever and his only political compass is popularity, which he slavishly follows, so that now the ETS is proving an electoral liability, he’s looking for ways to quietly abandon both it and his robotic minister, Penny Wong? Hmm.

THE future of the government’s emissions trading scheme was in disarray last night with claims that the Senate vote on the bill could be delayed until May.

The possible delay, the result of the opposition blocking a procedural vote in the Senate, has cast fresh doubt on the government’s ability to create an election trigger on its amended climate legislation.

Last night the government was seeking legal advice about whether it could force an earlier vote than the May sitting. Each side blamed the other for the delay, which resulted from the Senate’s blocking a motion yesterday to speed up the debate.

The government has already dropped the emissions trading scheme from the parliamentary schedule this week to give priority to establishing a double dissolution election trigger on its changes to the private health insurance means test.

Read it here.

Wong: fully duped

The Wong-bot gets the Jo Nova treatment

Reaction to Penny Wong’s recent speech (see here) has been astonishing:

Jo Nova brilliantly takes it apart piece by piece (and gives us a great graphic – see right):

Get ready for the startling Proof by Motherhood Statements & WhiteWash. I’m loosely Paraphrasing Penny, taking the liberty of including the fuller more accurate message (that I’m sure she would want to share)… [then adding a few thoughts].

A strong global agreement is apparently “manifestly in Australia’s own national interest” (and worth paying billions upon billions for). Why?

Roger Pielke Jr gives her the full treatment:

The bottom line is that there is no scientific evidence linking rising global temperatures to the increasing catastrophe losses around the world. Ironically enough, the scientific evidence includes the paper cited by Wong to suggest the opposite. is also less than complimentary:

Our Australian skeptic friend, Val Majkus, has sent me a link to a speech made yesterday by Australian nutjob, Penny Wong, who is the Aussie Federal Minister for Climate Change and Water.

Wong somehow kept a straight face when she told the crowd: “Climate change [is] happening more quickly than we previously thought.”

Another great performance from Penny Wrong.

Penny Wong: defender of Copenhagen, climate science and the IPCC


Penny who? Sorry, it’s been so long since we heard anything from the Wong-bot, that I’d forgotten about her, which was actually quite nice. But now she’s back, the latest version of Windows 7 installed, spouting the same old fearmongering tactics and tired old clichés in a last, desperate effort to get the ETS passed (stifles yawn):

CLIMATE change threatens to reshape the face of Bondi Beach, Bells Beach and the Sunshine Coast unless “large and expensive nourishment programs” are implemented, Penny Wong warned today.

Shortly before the government’s ETS bills are to be considered by the upper house, Ms Wong mounted a vigorous defence of the Copenhagen Summit, the science behind climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [now THAT I would love to have heard – Ed] and suggested the future of some of the nation’s most popular beaches was under threat.

The Climate Change Minister also said the government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was the most effective way to take meaningful action, dismissing the Opposition leader’s rival plan.

In the address to the National Coastal Climate Change Forum in Adelaide this morning, Ms Wong said it was “possible that with climate change, and without large and expensive nourishment programs Bondi Beach, Sunshine Coast and Bells Beach may no longer be the beaches we know today.”

Zzzz… Oh, sorry – nodded off there. No one’s listening any more Penny. Save your batteries, spin down the hard drive, throttle back the CPU, clear the cache, and shut down – for good this time.

Read it here.

UPDATE: The whole speech is here in all its robotic tedium, and as predicted recycles all the alarmist BS that we’ve heard before, including the old canard of comparing climate realists with those who question the link between smoking and cancer, which personally I find deeply offensive.

Australia "out of step" with the rest of the world on emissions trading

Spinning like a launderette

Just four days ago, Penny Wong said this, in The Australian:

It is clear the global trend is towards greater action to combat climate change, not less.

And on emissions trading, more than 30 countries already have an emissions trading scheme in operation and others, including the US, Japan and South Korea, are working towards implementing their own schemes. (see here)

At the time I questioned the figure she quoted, suggesting that most of those countries were in the EU scheme, but Christian Kerr does the digging and discovers that apart from the EU, there is just one, one, emissions trading scheme in operation, and that’s in New Zealand, and it’s only half working. So to say that the global trend is towards greater action was an outright L-word:

AUSTRALIA is looking increasingly isolated in the global community as Kevin Rudd presses on with his government’s emissions trading scheme.

US President Barack Obama admitted just two days ago he might have to abandon his proposal for emissions trading in favour of direct action in order to steer his carbon-cutting plans through the US Senate.

None of the world’s top five polluters — the US, China, Russia, India and Japan — has an ETS.

New Zealand is the only nation in the world with an operating emissions trading scheme, excluding those affiliated with or planning to link to the European Union’s ETS.

Most of New Zealand’s provisions have not yet come into effect, and the Labour-legislated scheme was significantly amended by the National Party-led government last September after fears about its impact on low-income households and primary industry.

And the article blows the lid off Penny’s misrepresentation of the numbers:

The Australian Department of Climate Change’s website tells the story on emissions trading. Of the 37 countries on its list of nations that have established or are proposing an ETS, 30 are linked to the EU scheme.

Opposition climate action spokesman Greg Hunt said the Prime Minister was “intentionally, deliberately and consistently” misrepresenting the European emissions trading scheme.

“In Europe, they’ve had a mock trading scheme which largely only provides incentives for people to reduce their emissions, with almost no penalty for firms which continue on their economic activity,” Mr Hunt said.

The Rudd government’s position on climate is looking increasingly lame and out of touch with reality, and secretly I would bet Kev would love to see the whole thing ditched – it will be a political disaster. But he cannot be seen to do that, having branded climate change “the greatest moral challenge of our generation”, so I think they will just let the Coalition defeat it in the Senate and hopefully move on to other things.

Read it here.

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