Alarmist of the Year

Alarmist of the Year

Having awarded the Australian of the Year to alarmist Tim Flannery in 2007, whose wild predictions concerning the effects of the Green Climate Monster are well known, and almost always wrong, they have this year awarded the honour to another climate evangelist, Simon McKeon. McKeon was given the role of CSIRO chairman… despite not being a scientist, but it seems that being a warmist makes him even better qualified for the job. Miranda Devine does the business:

YOU don’t want to rain on the parade of a man who is so highly regarded that he has just been named Australian of the Year.

Nor do you want to detract from the charitable works for which Simon McKeon has been so honoured.

But the former Macquarie banker deserves censure for his pronouncements on climate change on ABC radio yesterday in which he enthusiastically described himself as a “100 percent believer” who wants to push Australia into a carbon trading scheme by stealth.

He deserves censure not least because last year he was appointed chairman of the CSIRO, despite having no background in science.

Asked by Melbourne radio host Jon Faine if he saw his role at the CSIRO as an opportunity to “shape and influence” its work on climate change, the 55-year-old lawyer said: “Oh, absolutely – it doesn’t need any encouragement from me.”

Why a non-scientist should be considered a suitable chairman of our pre-eminent scientific body is anyone’s guess, but it is another indication of the decline of a once great institution.

It is a tragedy that the CSIRO is a shadow of its former self, reduced by to a mouthpiece for climate alarmism.

McKeon, 55, should be careful about sullying his philanthropic name with warmist politics. More importantly, he should refrain from using his new platform to further damage the credibility of the CSIRO. (source)

Pakistani floods: no link to "climate change"

Just weather…

Of course there’s no link to “climate change” – it’s the Green Climate Monster at work, as we all know. Seriously, however, every alarmist and his dog (on a string, probably) rushed to cite the Pakistani floods as “evidence of climate change”, as did many politicians, Hillary Clinton included.

Now, however, a new peer reviewed paper reaches the boringly predictable conclusion that it was all “just weather”. Those of us in the sceptic blogosphere are not in the least bit amazed by this, since this is the proper, default position to adopt, in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary (which there never is). There is no mention of climate in the paper… From Watts Up With That:

Last summer’s disastrous Pakistan floods that killed more than 2,000 people and left more than 20 million injured or homeless were caused by a rogue weather system that wandered hundreds of miles farther west than is normal for such systems, new research shows.

Storm systems that bring widespread, long-lasting rain over eastern India and Bangladesh form over the Bay of Bengal, at the east edge of India, said Robert Houze, a University of Washington atmospheric sciences professor. But Pakistan, on the Arabian Sea west of India, is substantially more arid and its storms typically produce only locally heavy rainfall.

The flooding began in July and at one point it was estimated that 20 percent of Pakistan’s total land area was under water. Structural damage was estimated at more than $4 billion, and the World Health Organization estimated that as many as 10 million people had to drink unsafe water.

Houze and colleagues examined radar data from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite and were able to see that the rainfall that caused the Indus River in Pakistan to overflow was triggered over the Himalayas, within a storm system that had formed over the Bay of Bengal in late July and moved unusually far to the west. Because the rain clouds were within the moisture-laden storm from the east, they were able to pour abnormal amounts of rain on the barren mountainsides, which then ran into the Indus.

The progress of the storm system stood out in the satellite radar data, Houze said.

“We looked through 10 years of data from the satellite and we just never saw anything like this,” he said. “The satellite only passes over the area a couple of times a day, but it just happened to see these systems at a time when they were well developed.” (source)

But even ten years of satellite data is virtually nothing. What does that tell us about historical rainfall patterns? Square root of sweet FA, that’s what. And even they have concluded it’s just weather. Wonder what they would have said if they had had 1000 years of satellite data to consider…

Australia Day reading

Holiday reading

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Julia's Australia Day present: another new tax

Just what we wanted… not.

By all accounts, the flood levy is going ahead. Thanks, Julia. And a happy Australia Day to you, too. So not only is there a new tax, but people will be paying a fortune for food. What planet are the pollies on?

THE federal government has agreed to hit taxpayers with a one-off levy to help cover the cost of flood damage, at the same time warning that food prices will skyrocket during the next three months.

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, held meetings in Canberra yesterday with the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, the Finance Minister, Penny Wong, the Infrastructure Minister, Anthony Albanese, and officials to thrash out the details of the levy as well as budget cuts to find the billions needed to rebuild roads, railway lines and bridges in flood-affected areas. [Not difficult, chaps: NBN, Pink Batts, BER etc etc – Ed]

While the levy was still being finalised late yesterday, the main option involved an increase in the 1.5 per cent Medicare levy over 12 months. It is understood other options were being canvassed.

Ms Gillard was to announce the levy next week after Mr Swan outlined the financial impact of the floods during a speech on Friday.

But it was decided to bring forward the announcement to a National Press Club address tomorrow while public sentiment over the floods was high and so the government could start selling the levy against opposition attacks.

Joe Hockey, however, nails it squarely:

You would have to have rocks in your head to impose a new tax on Australian families on the back of rising fruit prices and vegie prices,” he said. (source)

But they have, Joe, they have.

Simon on Melbourne Talk Radio (MTR 1377)

Luke Grant interviews Simon about the bias in the media, and in particular in relation to tonight’s Channel Ten “6pm with George Negus.”

The Daily Mail article about BBC bias can be found here.


The 5-second Channel Ten soundbite

Blink and you’d have missed it. Out of ten minutes of relevant and substantial material they recorded, just one tiny soundbite made it into the final cut of tonight’s “6pm with George Negus”, a trivial point that we “need more debate.” I’m not going to give a link to it – it’s really not worth watching. It was a typical alarmist piece with Will Steffen featuring heavily.

This is the battle we face with the media. They are afraid to give people the tools to let them make up their own minds.

Welcome to the world of the mainstream media. All I can say is, long live the blogosphere.


Simon on "6pm with George Negus" – tonight

6pm with George Negus

Just to let readers know that a short interview with Simon on the recent Queensland flooding and links to climate change will be broadcast TONIGHT at 6pm on Channel Ten, as part of George Negus’ new 6pm show.

It will probably be available on the 6pm website in due course.

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