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Drowning in krap

UPDATE: In the comments, Baldrick provides a timely reminder of Dr Karl’s activist past, in that he was a Senate candidate in 2007 for the Climate Change Coalition, which was “formed in 2007 with a view to accelerate action by politicians from all parties on global warming and climate change.” He lost, as did all the other CCC candidates…

As any fule kno, every science presenter on the ABC is a fully paid-up climate alarmist. Robyn Williams, Bernie Hobbs, the Catalyst team, Adam Spencer and of course, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki himself, all plug the same consensus line, without any proper scientific scepticism.

But because of the 16-year temperature stasis that nobody wants to acknowledge, Dr (for a doctor he is*) Karl resorts to spouting krap:

Even before this report was released, some of the news media (such as the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom) recklessly claimed that this latest IPCC report revealed that global warming was over — and that in fact, the world was now cooling. This was very wrong.

Krap. The four major temperature series, GISS, HadCRUT, UAH and RSS (take note, Dr Suzuki) all show either stasis, imperceptible warming or cooling (see image below). And whether global warming is “over” or not is irrelevant – that’s just a tabloid newpaper making a story.

The real issue is why there has been such a divergence between models and real-world temperature. Despite fudging the graph in the IPCC Summary for Policymakers to give the impression that the models are still on track, the truth is that the models have spectacularly failed to predict the current stasis in global temperatures. Climate sensitivity to CO2 has been overestimated and natural forces ignored.

For one thing, nine of the 10 hottest years on record have happened in the last decade.

True, but irrelevant. Yes, the planet is warming, and has been for a couple of centuries, so it’s no great surprise that each decade is, generally, warmer than the last. The old “on record” chestnut is wheeled out, despite the fact that records barely cover 150 years. Dispassionate? Krap!

The trouble is, the surface of our planet has many many square metres. So that extra heat reflected back down to the ground is roughly equivalent to exploding a few hundred thousand Hiroshima-sized nuclear weapons in our atmosphere — every day.

This is recycled krap. Recycled by Dr Karl, from John Cook of Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science, who in turn recycled it from James Hansen. Despite sounding terrifying, because the Sun is so powerful and the Earth so huge, this amount of energy approximates to half a watt per square metre (your average light globe is 60 watts), which would be lost in the downwelling radiation of approximately half a kilowatt. Cheap alarmist krap.

The overwhelming majority of the heat trapped by the extra carbon dioxide in our atmosphere enters the oceans.

Since 2007, we have been monitoring the oceans with small drifting oceanic probes — ARGO probes. Today, there are some 3,600 of these robotic probes in the oceans of the world. They continuously float up and down, rising to the surface and then diving down to a depth of 2 kilometres on a roughly 10-day cycle.

These ARGO probes have measured the heating of the oceans caused by that 93.5 per cent of the heat energy reflected back down by the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It turns out that about two thirds remains in the upper ocean between the surface and a depth of 700 metres, while the remaining one third of that heat energy goes deeper into the ocean — between 700 and 2000 metres.

Dr Karl trots out the buzzword du jour (see yesterday), ocean heat. The dog ate my warming. They seek it here, they seek it here, they seek it everywhere. Everywhere it can’t be measured, that is.

The ARGO probes have been around less than a decade, and the changes in temperature are of the order of a few hundredths of a degree. But here’s a thought – perhaps the warming over the last twenty years was caused by the oceans releasing heat (that couldn’t be measured) into the atmosphere, and was nothing to do with CO2?

Verdict: a kolourful kornukopia of klimate krap from Dr Karl (enough with the K’s – Ed)

Read it here.


GISS, HadCRUT4, UAH, RSS trends, 2001-2014

* Borrowed from Media Watch Dog


  1. Turtle of WA says:

    When all else fails, just say that Man-Bear-Pig is hiding in the ocean.

  2. Of course the good doctor Karl, who holds degrees in mathematics, biomedical engineering, medicine and surgery, but not climate science, is truly independent when it comes to global warming.

    If working for the ABC wasn’t enough to convince anyone of his alarmist bias, in 2007 he ran and failed as a Senate candidate for the now deregistered Climate Change Coalition/4 Change Party.

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  4. drapetomania says:

    And their achilles heel is..
    They are all actually “keyboard climate warriors” TM.
    They all drive cars and are connected to the grid.
    Yet they all say they are really worried..yet not worried enough to give up their luxuries or spend big $ and get full solar.
    So basically, they have no ethical/moral right to lecture anyone..if they dont live “the dream” and do the right thing themselves.
    One keyboard warrior told me with a straight face that they had “failed to deliver the message properly”.
    I helped her thought patterns..end of story.. 🙂

    • Aussie Luke Warm of the Commonwealth of Australia says:

      So true…piss off Dr Karl! Stop telling the rest of us to reduce our footprint while you and your buddies live it up big of our tax $$$.

  5. Dr Karl should stick to topics that he understands…like naval lint

  6. “For one thing, nine of the 10 hottest years on record have happened in the last decade.” Not only irrelevant but meaningless.
    Nine of the last ten years I have been the tallest I have ever been, therefore I am still growing and will be over 100 metres tall in 2100.

    • LOL. I love that comment.

      I do wonder what happened in the other year though. Perhaps a localised gravity magnification effect. I’m sure I saw that is some end of the world hollywood blockbuster.

  7. I posted a couple of comments over on Dr Karl’s article. However, since I’m pretty certain they will never see the light of day, I’ll repost them here for posterity.


    “The overwhelming majority of the heat trapped by the extra carbon dioxide in our atmosphere enters the oceans.”

    Perhaps in a follow-up article Dr Karl would care to explain the mechanism by which this NET transfer of heat energy, FROM the atmosphere, TO the oceans, occurs?

    The observable, observed and measured cycle of energy is FROM the sun, TO the oceans (sunlight), FROM the oceans TO the atmosphere (evaporation), FROM the atmosphere, back out into space. This is taught in primary school as “The Water Cycle”.

    While it is true that at any given time SOME energy can move and transfer every which way but loose, the NET flow of energy can only be one way.

    Either the NET flow of energy is FROM the atmosphere, TO the oceans, which accounts for the “missing heat” but makes evaporation, clouds and precipitation impossible, OR

    The NET flow of energy is FROM the oceans TO the atmosphere, which allows for evaporation, clouds and precipitation, but makes a mockery of Dr Karl’s explanation of “missing heat”.

    Which could it be?
    I look out my window and what do I see?


    Over to you, Dr Karl.


    “What effect will this have? At this stage, we simply don’t know.”

    Assuming just for a moment that the “missing” atmospheric heat could somehow be “finding its way into the ocean deeps” in direct opposition to the known, observed and measured Water Cycle, we know PRECISELY what effect it would have.

    When we drive a car down the street exploding fuel drives pistons down which provides us with our motive power. However, most of the energy from the burning fuel ends up as heat. The engine gets hot, the water in the water jacket gets hot, the lubricating oil gets hot.

    All this heat is ultimately radiated to the atmosphere, where, to all intent and purpose, it is “lost” as usable energy. It cannot be gathered up or used again without expending more energy than could be recovered.

    In the language of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, it is said to have devolved, or dissipated towards entropy pretty-much as far as it can within the system.

    If the “missing” atmospheric heat (which isn’t), were somehow being transmuted to the ocean deeps (which it’s not), raising temperatures a hundredth of a degree or so, so what?

    Just like the heat from our car engine, that heat has now dissipated, or devolved, towards entropy as far as it can within the system. It can’t ever “come back” and do any meaningful work. To all intent and purpose, it is “gone”.

    There is no way, sometime in the future, that some magical ocean current is going to gather all that dissipated heat in one place – say off the coast of Manhattan, and create a tornado of super-heated steam that parboils New York.

    It’s “gone”, and if it means that in a thousand years or so the ocean deeps have heated part of a degree, I’m pretty sure the local flora and fauna will have time to adapt.

  8. He is also referred to on the University of Sydney, School of Physics official web site as ‘Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’ http://fmx01whs.ucc.usyd.edu.au:8080/physics/staff_details.jsp?ID=74
    This is despite the fact that he does not hold a doctoral degree (ref his wikipedia page). Other staff on the same School site who are referred to as ‘Dr’ do hold a PhD. This is a deception of false authority.

    • I think you’ll find he’s a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery.

      • Actually Matty B, I would assume that if he is no longer practicing medicine and therefore one can assume has not continued his registration with the medical board – he can NOT use the term Doctor unless he holds a PhD. Please note, he does have a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery which only permits him the term Dr when registered. If he refers or allows others to refer to him as a Doctor – giving the illusion he is a Registered Health Professional – Mr Kruszelnicki is actually committing a criminal offence!

  9. Brian Johnson UK says:

    Dr Karl is so badly informed on climate matters that his views are utter rubbish. He proves it weekly on BBC 5 Live “Up all Night” where he has a one hour spot at 03:00 hrs GMT.

    A very poor programme that suits the BBC bias on Climate Change/Disruption/Claptrap

  10. uhavitbad says:

    “heat trapped by the extra carbon dioxide ”
    I read that CO2 only reflects (re-radiate) a tiny proportion of the”heat” spectrum.
    I know that the red spectrum is absorbed fast when snorkeling or diving. down.
    So how the hell “heat” flows though a non warming atmosphere though a not warming ocean surface layer is like Bigfoot science. Without the footprints.

  11. Dr Karl when asked, on his radio show some years back, why those white fluffy lines behind high altitude aircraft were called contrails informed the caller it was because they looked like cotton wool. Dr. Karl, idiot of the first order.

  12. Spencer Ross de Vere says:

    Australia’s wannabe David Suzuki. The look-at-me madly-patterned shirts gives the game away. A poseur most at home frightening an audience of kids..

  13. Streetcred says:

    It appears that he is academically qualified in medical practice, that is where he should exercise his opinion … he displays little appreciation or knowledge of science … just thinking, any reasonable person wouldn’t trust this imbecile to perform a medical procedure on them ? Why should any reasonable person have to put up with his non-science ‘krap’ on public TV ?

    • Sounds like someone we all know called Flim Flannery. However just because one is not formally qualified in a subject doesn’t mean one cannot be educated in it. Lets face it how many qualified doctors bury their mistakes? Lord Monckton is quite brilliant and understands the science as well where as it comes across that neither Karlo or Timbo do nor do they care. They appear to love the adoration that has been heaped upon them by their acolytes and are now convinced by their own marketing.
      The problem with Timbo and Karlo is that they are in it for the money and it behooves them to push that agenda.

  14. The good ‘ol Quacktor Karl also drives an old model hotted up V8 Holden Monaro. I quizzed him on this on radio one day and his glib answer was it was perfectly ok to drive because it was always properly tuned unlike his facts. Karlos tells us that the CO2 generated by vehicles is a disaster yet here he is tooling around in one that mostly produces Carbon Monoxide which to me actually IS a poison.


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