Bye-bye Bryce

Political, to the bitter end

Political, to the bitter end

A thoroughly decent and honourable man, former defence force chief Peter Cosgrove, will be the Governor-General from March – and not a moment too soon.

Vowing to keep out of politics, he will be a welcome change from his predecessor, Quentin Bryce, a thorough embarrassment to the office, who frequently blundered in to highly sensitive matters (always from the Left, naturally) where she had no place to be.

Here are a few cringeworthy examples from the ACM archives:

October 2008 – Governor-General gets political

“Andrew Bolt is rightly fuming that the new GG, Ms Quentin Bryce, will launch the book version of the Garnaut report. She doesn’t appear to have been told that as the representative in Australia of the Queen, she is supposed to put herself above politics, and represent all of us, not just those who vote Labor.”

October 2008 – GG speaks out on climate change

“Why would she do that, unless she had no idea whatsoever of the role she has accepted? She’s the Queen’s representative in Australia, and therefore above politics, but here she is, helping none other than Ross Garnaut, launch the book version of his report – a highly political document prepared for the Labor Government.”

[The photo shows Bryce with Ross Garnaut at the launch – story here]

January 2009 – GG gets political – yet again

“… she’s at it again, off on a jolly to Abu Dhabi to speak at the World Future Energy Summit (a fancy title for a gathering of eco-fundamentalists discussing solar and wind power), sharing the stage with Lord Stern, Tony Blair and none other than IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri. So clearly no politics there, then…?

She displays an extraordinary lack of judgement on these matters, and is showing herself to be wholly unsuitable for the role of GG of Australia.”

January 2009 – Deluded GG urges “climate action”

“OK, now I am sure that Quentin Bryce has lost the plot completely. Someone needs to sit her down, with a cup of milky tea, and explain just exactly what the role of Governor General is, because she clearly hasn’t a clue. It is certainly not to act as a shill for the climate change lobby and the Rudd government. Here are the words of former Governor General Michael Jeffery, which Bryce could do well to remember:

“One always tries to throw in ideas or suggestions without treading on any political toes because as a Governor-General you simply can’t do that,” he says. “It’s not your role to become controversial, to be agin the government or agin the opposition for that matter.” His job, he says, is “to help the machinery of government”, in the broadest sense.”

Later the same day:

Wong defends GG’s comments on climate change

“Here’s a little poser for you… what do you think Penny Wong would have said if the GG had come out as an AGW sceptic? Can you imagine Penny saying that the GG has every right to participate in the debate? It would be outrage on all sides, “shouldn’t meddle in politics”, not her place, inappropriate for representative of the Queen to get involved, harumph harumph…

As usual, double standards rule in the climate change debate.”

Bryce seems to have managed to keep her trap shut on climate from then on, but at the very end, managed to eat the two highly political topics of a Republic and gay marriage together with a lump of E. Coli, and then sprayed them out of her arse at 300 miles an hour (© Malcolm Tucker):

Ms Bryce spoke out in favour of gay marriage during her Boyer Lecture address last night, stating she hoped Australia might become a nation where “people are free to love and marry whom they choose”.

She then added: “And where perhaps, my friends, one day, one young girl or boy may even grow up to be our nation’s first head of state.”

Which prompted my open letter to the GG:

November 2013 – Letter to the Governor-General

“That a representative of the Queen should advocate for a republic is beyond my comprehension, whilst expressing a position on same-sex marriage, a matter which is highly political and contentious, is entirely inappropriate for a person occupying the role of Governor General.”

No reply, or even an acknowledgment, has, to date, been forthcoming. Oh well, swept into the dustbin of history at last.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Good riddance to a Labor stooge.

  2. Quentin was a disgrace, she willing go into political arguments that as GG she should not have been in, I am very happy that Peter is the nominee as he knows his job and he will do it. N

  3. I wouldnt get too excited – you have to be a “company man” to get the GG gig.

    Cosgrove has shown his pro-warming bias quite a few times.

    “Cosgrove supported immediate action on climate change, too. ”Let’s not muck about any more, let’s start now to solve the problems that we own,” he said.

    Yep….the more it changes, the more it stays teh same – one socialist out, another one in.

    JWH was a socialist – he brought in gun control – a socialists wet dream,.

    Conservative is a convenient “cover” for blue suited watermelons.

  4. Another with Cosgrove supporting climate change

    People havent worked out that the “wrapper” is irrelevent – underneath all these people are of the same agenda, thoughts and alliegances.

    “Left” and “RIght” are just labels. They are irrelevent – look at what they do.

    • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

      You might be correct but it’s just great to see to see our first woman activist GG shown the door. I want to sip a quiet beer in celebration but I think that unfortunately her bloated, self-centered ego will inflict itself on us from some other soap box.

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