Labor Nightmare: The Return of Rudd?

Horror movie in real life…

Kevin Rudd was in good form on Q & A last night, breaching cabinet confidentiality to reveal that senior Labor figures were against an ETS, and leaving open the possibility (heaven forbid) of another go at the leadership. Another great day for Labor!

THE Coalition has seized on Kevin Rudd’s admission that he got it wrong when he dumped his emissions trading scheme, painting the comments as a job application for a second tilt at the Labor leadership.

The Foreign Minister’s breach of cabinet confidentiality – in which he admitted some senior ministers wanted the ETS permanently killed off – has also been used by the opposition to accuse Labor of hypocrisy over the issue.

Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said there was “no doubt” Mr Rudd’s comments were an appeal to his backbenchers for another go at the leadership.

“I would suspect Kevin Rudd is applying to be prime minister, there’s no doubt about that, no doubt at all,” he told ABC radio.

Mr Rudd admitted on last night’s Q&A program that shelving his ETS was a costly error.

While admitting his mistake, he said he had resisted the urgings of some cabinet members who had argued for it to be axed completely. Others wanted to stick to the existing timetable.

Deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop, who appeared on the panel with Mr Rudd, said his comments provided an extraordinary insight into divisions within the Labor cabinet.

“He said that last night, that there were some who wanted it dumped for all time. He was clearly indicating that that was Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan,” she told The Australian Online.

“I think he relished the opportunity to set the record straight. That’s what it appeared to me.

“I think that Julia Gillard’s hypocrisy is just too much for him. And he’s outraged by it. That’s what it appeared to me to be, that he was speaking out over her hypocrisy.”

Ms Bishop said Mr Rudd had clearly broken cabinet confidentiality and had “never seen such an open discussion of otherwise confidential deliberations”. (source)

Just when you think it can’t get any worse for Labor. The Return of Rudd – a horror movie in real life.

Rudd's foot on the first rung of the UN ladder

Off to the UN

Secretary General here we come? Tony Abbott rubbishes Joolya Gillard’s “part-timer”:

DUMPED prime minister Kevin Rudd has accepted a part-time role on United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s panel on global sustainability.

Tony Abbott immediately seized on the unpaid appointment to attack uncertainty over Julia Gillard’s front bench.

Labor dumped Mr Rudd as its leader in June, replacing him with Ms Gillard, who has said that if she wins the August 21 election her predecessor will have a senior role in a re-elected government.

Two of Labor’s most experienced ministers – Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner and Defence Minister John Faulkner – have announced they will quit their positions after the election.

And speculation has swirled that the Prime Minister will offer Mr Rudd the plum role of foreign affairs if Labor is returned.

Mr Rudd said in a statement the UN job would not compromise his role as an MP, presuming he was re-elected later this month in his safe Brisbane seat of Griffith.

But Mr Abbott said the job would involve “significant time out of Australia” and “significant time on UN business”.

“It’s now official. Former prime minister Rudd does have a part time job with the United Nations and what it means is that this government’s ministry is in complete flux,” Mr Abbott said in Sydney.

“Not only do we have a situation where the prime minister can’t say who her finance minister will be, who her defence minister will be, who her foreign minister will be after the election.

“We’ve also got the prospect of part-time ministers in the Gillard cabinet should the government be re-elected.

“It’s just not good enough. Australians deserve a full-time government and they won’t get that if this government is re-elected.”

Read it here.

Election 2010: Desperate Gillard begs Rudd for help

Nightmare for Julia

From the “You Could Not Make It Up” department. Just weeks after savagely knifing Kevin Rudd in the back and stealing the prime ministership, Julia Gillard is now relying on Rudd to rescue her disintegrating campaign:

THERE are now three leaders in this election campaign.

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard; the alternative prime minister, Tony Abbott; and the former prime minister-in-exile, Kevin Rudd.

In his intervention, Rudd presents himself as the saviour of Labor’s fortunes – an event of far-reaching and unpredictable consequences.

There has never been an election like it. With each day it’s more about Kevin.

Gillard, who assassinated Rudd as prime minister six weeks ago, has been reduced to asking him to salvage her prime ministership. It is a huge risk and reversal, but Gillard had no choice.

Rudd, the recently detested and vanquished former PM, now returns to centre stage as potential saviour. Indeed, it seems only Rudd might resurrect Labor in Queensland and that he is dictating terms to the party. Labor MPs do not know whether to laugh, cry or cheer.

Read it here.

See also: “It takes two to tango but one to lead” and The Australian’s editorial on the subject.

Kevin Rudd "in line for UN climate job"

I know 5 facts about climate change, all of them wrong

Our socially-disfunctional-verging-on-autistic ex-PM would fit right in at the UN, spouting platitudes about saving the planet and the evils of capitalism whilst being whisked off to all-expenses-paid climate gab fests in exotic locations around the globe. At least at the UN he’s less likely to do any damage:

News Limited papers are reporting that the former prime minister is being considered for the top-level job, which would force him to leave Australia. [Tragedy! I can’t bear the thought!]

The newspapers quote an unnamed source who says Mr Rudd could be made a special envoy or an ambassador reporting directly to the UN secretary-general.

They say the United Nations “refused to hose down speculation” on the appointment.

Mr Rudd was in New York last week and met the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

They are most welcome to him – how about starting next week?

Read it here.

Julia Gillard is new Australian Prime Minister

In … out.

Kevin Rudd has stepped down and Julia Gillard is now Australia’s first female prime minister. In the end, there was no ballot in the Labor caucus room – Rudd realised that he had so little support. Wayne Swan is the new deputy PM.

The press are pinning Rudd’s downfall primarily on his failure to go ahead with the ETS back in April.

A disastrous day for Labor, and it will be very interesting to see what Gillard does with the policy nightmares – the mining tax, asylum seekers etc, but in particular the ETS, which may be back on the policy table.

The Liberals came out with the “Kevin OLemon” advert just a day or so ago, and now Rudd’s gone. Must be one of the most effective ad campaigns ever! Here it is:


BREAKING: Rudd leadership in doubt

On the way out?


As I watch Sky’s coverage, there is a possible leadership challenge to Kevin Rudd underway in Canberra right now.

It is being reported that the challenge is being pushed by the right factions in Victoria and South Australia. The question is whether Julia Gillard will agree to be put forward as replacement.

2005 AEST: Senior source states that the question being put comes down to whether a Gillard government would be a “better, more consultative government” than Rudd’s.

2010 AEST: Mark Arbib apparently wishes Gillard to run. Gillard and Faulkner are still in Rudd’s office.

2020 AEST: Anthony Albanese and Lindsay Tanner join the party in Rudd’s office. This process will be very damaging for Rudd even if he survives…

2030 AEST: Bill Shorten is “rushing to make himself Kingmaker” ahead of Simon Crean “whom he detests” – don’t ya just love it!!

2040 AEST: Australian Workers Union move away from Rudd – big move.

2042 AEST: AWU now backing Gillard – is it all over for Rudd? All the other right unions will follow suit.

2045 AEST: Labor source: “Rudd’s dead.”

2055 AEST: Meeting still underway…

2100 AEST: Lefty Sky News is running the screen text “SMS to Liberal MPs to ‘totally shut up about the leadership'”

2120 AEST: NSW Right is now behind Gillard (Sky source) – it’s all over for Rudd.

2125 AEST: Nationwide right faction has deserted Rudd.

Rudd: Climate will be "core election issue"

You can tell when he's spouting horse-shit, his lips move…

Music to my ears. This is great news for the Opposition and Tony Abbott, as Kevin Rudd claims he will be going to the election with two massive new taxes, the 40% super profits tax on resources, and the threat of an ETS to push up the prices of virtually everything. When you add this to the disastrous poll results for Labor this week, it’s a double whammy that will knock Rudd for six (with luck). But of course, you can never trust a single word Rudd says, so it’s probably all horse-shit anyway and he’ll conveniently forget the ETS again, but for today at least, it’s the story:

Climate change will be still be a core issue at the federal election, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

The federal government has officially delayed its emissions trading scheme (ETS) until at least 2013 after failing to convince the Liberals to pass it.

But that doesn’t mean the government isn’t fully committed to tackling climate change, Mr Rudd says.

He said that, unlike Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who has a different view on the subject “depending on what day of the week you happen to ask” [I think you’ll find that’s a description of you], the government has always accepted [the dodgy, corrupt, fudged, politically and financially motivated, biased and discredited IPCC version of] the science of climate change.

“It is clear to me and always has been, for years and years and years, that climate change is happening,” Mr Rudd told Fairfax Radio on Tuesday. [Yeah, it’s happening mate, and has since the dawn of time – get the f**k used to it]

That is why I ratified Kyoto. The Liberals were opposed to ratifying Kyoto.”

Yeah, and what did Kyoto do for the climate, Kev? Speak up, can’t hear you! That’s right: nothing, nada, zip. And yet it has cost global economies billions which could have been spent on, oh, I don’t know, how about better healthcare, or better schools or in fact anything else rather than pointless emissions reductions.

But I’m not complaining. Rudd has already shot himself in one foot with the resources tax, and raising the spectre of an ETS again will be a bullet straight through the other. I don’t know about a lame duck PM, more like a terminally crippled one.

Read it here.

Even Garrett didn't know ETS was dumped!

Feel like a mushroom?

We knew that staff at the Department of Climate Change found out by jungle drums that the ETS was shelved until 2013 [translation: dumped], but The Australian reveals that that Environment Minister Peter Garrett himself was unaware of the decision until he “read it in the newspapers”, such is the high regard with which Garrett is held within Rudd’s cabinet:

Mr Garrett said the decision was taken by Kevin Rudd’s inner Cabinet as part of the budget process and he had taken no part in the discussions. He said it was disappointing that the decision had been leaked and revealed that the first he knew about it was when he read a story in a newspaper report on April 27.

“That was an announcement and a decision that was leaked and I found out about it when it was leaked,” Mr Garrett told Sky News’ Saturday Agenda.

Mr Garrett’s admission is confirmation that the ETS decision was not discussed by the full cabinet and that the discussion was restricted to the so-called gang of four: Prime Minster Mr Rudd, his deputy Julia Gillard, Treasurer Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner.

It also confirms that the ETS proposal was abandoned as part of the Budget process. Factoring in the ETS costs would have made it harder for the government to meet its accelerated target for eliminating the budget deficit.

And because dumping the ETS wasn’t enough to plug the massive black hole in their fictional budget, they whack a 40% tax on mining companies. Brilliant.

Read it here.

Rudd hints at new ETS

Is this a backflip on a backflip? Kevin Rudd is threatening a new ETS, to be introduced after the election and passed with support from the Greens:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted at a whole new approach to climate change – a greener ETS, passed sooner than planned.

The federal government has officially delayed its ETS until at least 2013 after failing to convince the Liberals to pass it.

But Mr Rudd changed tack during a media conference with a well-known advocate for action on climate change today.

He opened the door to passing an ETS after this year’s election, and with the help of the Australian Greens, not the Liberals.

A recent poll shows Labor is losing votes to the Greens, who have soared to a record level of support.

“We need to make sure that the Senate becomes, shall I say, positioned in a manner which is able to deliver that change to Australia’s domestic laws,” Mr Rudd said at a news conference with the Maldives President.

You literally cannot trust a single word this man utters – a prime minister without any principles who will do anything to stay in power.

Read it here.

OT: Kevin Rudd misleads Parliament on mining tax ads

Couldn't lie straight in bed

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And there isn’t anyone more desperate at the moment than our Dear Leader, Saint Kevin of Kruddistan, who, not content with bungling the home insulation scheme (resulting in the death of four young men), backflipping on his centrepiece climate policy, wasting billions of your taxpayer dollars on the school building programme, and presiding over the greatest increase in asylum seeker arrivals in history, has now mislead Parliament about the reasons for avoiding his own government’s policy on political advertising.

Rudd sought an exemption from the policy to spruik his mining super-profits tax, claiming, laughably, that the mining industry was behind a campaign of misinformation [well he should know, he’s an expert at campaigns of misinformation]. As Glenn Milne reports in The Australian:

[…] we only need to go as far back as Thursday when Tony Abbott asked the Prime Minister if he would now abandon the mining tax. Abbott cited four reasons; “the collapsing dollar, the falling stockmarket, the suspension of projects and the evaporation of jobs”.

It’s the falling stockmarket that concerns us here. In a lengthy answer, Rudd comprehensively rejected Abbott’s assertion that the government’s tax had had any impact on capital markets.

Let’s go the PM’s own words: “This goes to the other point he [Abbott] has made. I quote him from an earlier remark when he said, ‘Our sharemarket is under pressure because the government has totally mismanaged its proposal of a big new tax on mining’.

“Let us go to the facts of this matter. Share prices around the world have fallen because of the crisis in Greece and the honourable Leader of the Opposition would know that. Secondly, within mining itself he is yet to adduce any data to support the proposition. So on proposition No 1 about the dollar, on proposition No 2 about the share price, on proposition No 3 about employment: wrong, wrong, wrong, against all the factual data.”

Unfortunately the following day another piece of “factual data” surfaced in the form of Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig’s statement that he was exempting the government from its own lily white guidelines on taxpayers’ advertising to allow a $38m assault on the mining industry.

Among the reasons specifically cited by Ludwig for the exemption was the following: “I have also accepted the Treasurer’s advice that, as the tax reforms involve changes to the value of some capital assets, they impact on financial markets.”

So, the day after Rudd tells parliament Abbott’s claims the mining tax is affecting financial markets are garbage, his government uses the same rationale to justify rorting its own advertising standards.

But it gets worse. We now know that Swan first canvassed the idea of an advertising exemption based on market impacts at the time of the budget. So Rudd would have known about that justification since May 11. Then he told the parliament the opposite on Thursday.

When will the Australian public finally tire of this pitiful disgrace of a Prime Minister?

Read it here.

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